Start with the diet. It is not necessary to replace it by starvation: the body, frightened by the loss of a food source, will not waste subcutaneous fat, but rather will start to make new fat reserves for a rainy day. Your diet should be more of a way of life. Just don't use sweet and starchy foods, try to eat fruits in the morning, take food in small portions but frequently to not to experience hunger. Remember about the natural fat burners: pineapples, grapefruit, broccoli. But not zloupotreblyat them so as not to cause stomach problems.
In parallel with the diet daily exercise. Belly fat is best removed with the aid of the figures a Bicycle when you are lying on your back with hands behind head, twist the legs in the air imaginary pedal. Be sure to swing press, squat, twist the Hoop.
Try anti-cellulite and fat burning massage with special oils and creams for weight loss that are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. Use a massager or RUB the skin with bath glove. To do these procedures better under a hot shower or in the bath.