You first need to begin to deal with the total weight, to create a personal diet. An adult should get about 2,000 calories a day to lose weight, you should reduce their number to 1400-1800. Revise diet your diet, eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid sweets, meats, various carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Drink at least two liters of water.
Change your way of life. Do some aerobics. Do smoothly tilts to one side, then the other. Every day do two to three sets of twenty to thirty times in each direction.
Two days later, will complicate the execution of exercises using dumbbells. Such classes help to burn calories and improve body shape. Pay special attention to the exercises at the press, strengthening the oblique muscles of the abdomen.
Buy wrap, it needs to be heavy enough. Torsion of the Hoop will bring you great results, but only in the case of the school I the simulator will take place daily and last for at least thirty to forty minutes. Try not to sit on the couch and Wake up with a Hoop in front of the TV and start working the belly and hips.
Get a run. Every evening to arrange a thirty minute jog.
Do massage problem areas with the use of anti-cellulite creams and scrubs. Self-massage helps to warm up the fatty deposits, increase in them the metabolism and the blood flow. Massage the sides strongly and actively with a special brush. Give each side at least ten minutes.
Water therapy and swimming are an additional weapon in the fight against fat on the sides. Several times a week, visit the sauna or steam bath, swim in the pool.
Join a fitness club and contact the instructor. It will select the right set of exercises. Activity at the sports complex will bring a greater effect than home exercises.