You will need
  • is the fractional power mode;
  • - aerobic exercise;
  • - squats and lunges without weights.
Do not expect to get rid of fat in any particular place. Fat cells on the hips disappear in the last turn, and before you reach them, you will lose weight in upper body.
First review your diet. Refrain from late dinner dense. Make Breakfast mandatory. Food must be fractional. In this case, the food entering the body in small portions, will in time be fully processed into energy.
Change the diet. The basis of your diet should be slow carbohydrates and lean protein. Breakfast should be as nutritious, make sure to eat in the morning porridge, muesli bars or muesli. Dinner is better to eat protein foods. Always carry something light to eat. It can be an Apple, carrot or fresh cucumber.
Don't try to lose weight drastically. The faster you lose weight, the faster it will return. And back in first place on your hips and lower abdomen. Reduce the amount of calories consumed 10-15% and increase physical activity.
Among aerobic exercise to reduce hips is recommended Jogging, brisk walking and swimming. But if you are not able to swim at a fast pace for 40-45 minutes without stopping, from lessons in the pool should be abandoned. Give preference to cross-country training.
Run daily at a moderate pace for at least 40 minutes. The process of burning fat starts in about 25-30 minutes after the start of the run and lasts for one and a half to two hours after its completion. Do not try to run fast, it is better to run longer. The effect of regular exercise will be available in 2-3 weeks.
To lose weight and reduce hip measurement, you need a long low-intensity workout at the gym. Best exercise for thighs – squats and lunges. Do as much as possible the number of repeats, practically without using weights.
Squatting with legs wide apart and turning the toes outward, you will be able to work the inner thighs. It is in this area cause much trouble, because it's hard to respond to conventional loads.
Supplement your training program by refusing to use the Elevator. Walking stairs is a great tool that allows you to effectively burn fat cells and tighten the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.