To remove fat from belly in the winter, you need to act comprehensively. Not to sit in front of TV for hours and walk, skate or ski. Before the walk it is advisable to wear special underwear or a belt to the waist with a massage and a warming effect. The severity of winter clothing will also be on hand.

On the street, use all the options: Jogging, walking, squats. Even something as simple as riding a roller coaster with your child or walking your dog will benefit. 35-40 minutes walk, and the fat on the tummy and sides will melt like butter in a skillet.


Blue clay as a fat burning tool

Home to remove fat from your abdomen and back can help wraps. Buy the pharmacy blue clay (which is cheap and enough healing properties: blue clay tones and tightens the skin) and the cling film (which in supermarkets bagging groceries).

Wraps better to do at night. For starters, take a hot shower, clean and wet body. Dissolve the clay powder in a large bowl with warm water. Spread the body from the line under the chest to the lower abdomen. Wrap wrap and wrap up in a towel. Wait for 15 minutes. Wash first with warm, then cool water. During cool shower RUB the belly and flanks Terry MITT. Grease fat-burning cream. You can use the baby cream with the addition of 3-4 drops of essential oil of menthol – it has a toning effect and pleasantly cools the skin.


As a massage you can use special anti-cellulite massage brush. After a shower take your position lying on your back, spread the abdomen and flanks with baby oil or massage cream. Flowing movements gently massage the abdomen. The direction is always strictly in a clockwise direction around the navel. The sides from the bottom up – line from the hips to the ribs.


And you can do without the brush – massage with hands gently to knead and pinch along the same lines, until the skin on the belly and sides turn red.



Power shower against belly fat and sides

Effectively helps to remove fat on belly and sides power shower – high pressure narrow jet of water. If there are no problems in the female part (various tumors, fibroids, endometritis, surgery, etc.), the power shower will be a real solution in the fight against fat folds on the stomach.

For this procedure it is necessary to buy a special shower head. For the desired effect, the length of the water jet should be at least a meter. Ask someone close to help you.

During the procedure, stand up straight, arms bent at the elbows, palms in the lock on the back of the head. The helper must direct the like draws a cross: top-to-bottom and then from left to right through the umbilicus. Then in a circular motion clockwise and the trailing point direction to the upper point above the navel (hold 30 seconds), the right of the navel, left and bottom. The total duration of treatment is 7-10 minutes.


The nozzle can be used as a massage. Take a seat in the filled tub and let the jet under water at the specified lines. 5-10 procedures figure seeks perfection.