First you need to determine the style. There are many designs costumes for dance of the belly, and choose the style you need based on the type of your figure. The costume should highlight your strengths.
Different shapes suit different skirt type – this can be a skirt, Godet skirt (style "fish"), flared skirt, skirt with side slits and instead of a skirt you can sew for suitand trousers. In some styles of dance not used the bodice to the skirt, and a long dress.
Wide trousers with cuts are a good idea for girls with graceful and slender figure. However, the skirt has always been considered a versatile apparel for dance, suitable to any type of figure. Select the style of your skirt and the fabric from which you will sew.
Then select the technology of tailoring, depending on the cut of the skirt. The skirt can be as lush and single layer, with or without flounce, whole or split. Depending on this, you calculate the amount of fabric.
No costume for Oriental dance will not look complete without a richly embroidered belt. Belt pre-manufacture pattern, and this pattern stitch a base of heavy fabric, which will not sit well on the figure.
Consider how you will decorate the belt – here you can connect all of your imagination and your skills, and broaden belt with beads, sequins, bugle beads, and fasten on it a lush fringe of beads hanging.
Also for Eastern costumeand you'll need a bodice embroidered in the same way as the belt. As a basis you can take cups of the old bra, cover them with fabric, individually cut out of the same fabric as the straps and drawstring.
The bodice and waist, is the basis of costumeand dance, so you need to pay it to create maximum attention and care. Decorate the bodice with braid, cover it with embroidery in the same colors with the same patterns as on the belt.
Finally, having made the basis of suita – bodice, belt and skirt – sew a scarf that will give the dance of airiness and lightness. Shawl can be both rectangular and semicircular, and it must be made from a gauzy fabric. In order that the scarf looked spectacular, utilite the edges with beads or braid.