In the General case this is true.

  1. Place of break of wire or insulation failure must be found. Free two centimeters from each end, using wire cutters or knife.

  2. Then with a knife carefully remove the wires with oxide. Hint, the wires should be shiny. Sometimes there are very thin wiring, it is better to clean them with sandpaper.

  3. Then, on one of the wires you need to put the heat shrink tubing of suitable diameter. Shrink is much better than electrical tape, especially when it comes to outer wires.

  4. Now you need to connect the wires. To do this, twist them together. If you need high bond strength, it is better to solder. If you need a lot of flexibility, you need either a tight twist and no soldering or very thin solder.

  5. Next, treat the place zagalnogo wire with glue and drag to the connection heat-shrinkable tubing, so that it was closed. With a lighter heat the tube evenly, and she tightly covered the place of breakage.

If the integrity of the wire is not broken, but affected only the insulation, it is better to use insulating materials. It is better to maintain the integrity of current-carrying wires, since any connection resistance, and consequently, extra heat.

To be able to repair the wire, it is sometimes very useful. Therefore, it is better to learn, if possible, even if in principle the and necessary. In addition, any activity, carries more than a theory.