Advice 1: What to do if you have faulty wiring in the apartment

From circuit in the wiring, not insured by any one housing. Troubleshooting can be quite fast if you know the household wiring and be able to quickly find the damaged areas.
Definition of faulty lines in distribution box
The presence of circuit breakers on individual lines allows you to quickly find a short tripped the fuse. If the apartment is not provided selective protection, which will require additional time to explore the boxes, and joints. Before starting work you should turn off both the circuit breaker that feeds the apartment.

The opening junction boxes

Scheme raskrucheny the wiring in the apartment may be different, however all of the cables converge at one or more junction boxes. They are located at the level of 10-30 cm from a ceiling and can often be seen protruding caps. If the boxes were bricked up in the wall, you can find them tapping on the surface with the handle of a screwdriver. Where the sound of the kick becomes muffled, most likely, there is a cavity in the wall in which the box is mounted.

You first need to find the connection of the lines feeding the outlet. Typically, the two strands with the greatest number of wires thicker section. Single connection characteristic of the phase wires of the line lighting and reverse switch wires. The outlet lines need to be separated and raise the ends to the sides. The cable feeding the box, usually moving away from her towards the front door. Paired the ends of the wires you need to check for a short, pre-disconnect from the outlet appliances. In the same way, you should check the line of lights and switches, beforehand Razumkov circuit and unscrewing the bulb from its socket.

If the circuit has not been found, we need to establish the exact correspondence between the wires in the box and consumers to which they were attached. For this purpose, the probes are attached to the contact sockets or lighting cartridge and alternately close the wires in the box before the appearance of the signal chain. If a short circuit lived, the cable may burn out completely, so it will not respond to the circuit. Also the problem can be hidden in the wire feeding the box.

The elimination of short circuit

When the problem line is found, you must first open the socket or lighting socket and make a visual inspection of the ground contact joints for signs of soot, reflow or wire break. If the problem is not fixed, need to check the cable from the outlet to the presence of a contact between two conductors. Happens to a lot of damage to the wire buried in the wall. In this case, will require the installation of a new cable.

For supply voltages on healthy lines, disconnect the shorted area in the junction box. This is followed by the Assembly of the twisting or terminal connections and check for a short circuit without connecting consumers to the network. If the line is working, it is possible to apply the voltage to the apartment.

Advice 2: How to detect hidden wiring

You absolutely do not want to check the effect of the electricity when you start to drive a nail into a wall or drilling a hole under the more serious hardware. To avoid this contact, you need to know exactly where lies hidden wiring. Full Amateurs it is better to look for a power outlet using special instruments.
How to detect hidden wiring
You will need
  • detector detection hidden wiring.
Layout of home transactions undertaken in the housing sector, may seriously fail you if electricians laid the wires are not as recommended standards. With the help of instruments you can find the tear or damaged area of the wiring.
Choosing an instrument called the locator tester finder, the detector or probe for hidden wiring, pay attention to convenience, sensitivity, and security apparatus. There are those that need to connect to the network, which is not always convenient, if it is faulty. Other devices tested and Elektro looking fora transaction in a contactless manner. Just take the unit and slide it over the desired area, he somehow report the presence of voltage.
Metal detector "bars" - is a Russian non-contact device, it can detect the cable and rebar in the concrete construction, which is also useful for repair. To work with this device easy – guide front portion of the apparatus over the surface, touching her. If the indicator led will change color to red, you have found what you were looking for.
You may benefit from the proximity detector 6888-138, he is looking for mains under voltage, when the appliance. It will detect and fasteners, and metal structures hidden at depth of 2-3 cm. also works tester-tester MS-58M, and with it, you can detect harmful electromagnetic radiation. Indicator MS-158M will find the phase wire and concealed wiring.
"IVA-n" - alarm voltage and the metal does not react, but perfectly discover hidden mains under voltage 220/380 V. On the front panel can be seen five led indicators. The growth of the voltage light up more light bulbs. There is the sound of the device - unique signals increase in frequency when the device is posting.
Using the indicator flush "the Woodpecker," you will find the phase wire and check the proper connection of household electric meters, will know the fuse is good, you will find the location of the open mains.
If you need to find the wiring, lying at a depth of 30 cm, you need a specialized unit of the POSP-1. This device looks like a hand radar, equipped with a rotating antenna, he reports about the discovery of sound and light signals.
Foreign model VP-440 detects breaks in cables and wires and determine hidden track grid, detect the burned fuse and many more. Well established a new set of hidden service Sonel - LKZ-700. He is able to find illegal the contours of counters, the route of the cable at a depth of two meters, damage to the mains under the ground, the individual wires in the harness system.
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