Why copper is easy to solder

Copper is a metal easy to solder. The surface of the copper products easily cleaned of oxides and dirt without the use of harsh chemicals. A number of affordable and low-melting metals and alloys with copper have excellent adhesion (bond of surfaces). When soldering copper do not require expensive and complex fluxes, because the metal interacts weakly with oxygen when heated.

These properties of copper make it easy to perform soldering in a variety of environments using multiple types of solders and fluxes.

For soldering parts used electric soldering irons or soldering stations of different capacities: the larger the mass and volume of a part, the greater must be the power of the soldering iron. To train better to use a cheap soldering iron with a capacity of 25-50 watts.

What solder and flux

A solder is fusible metal for soldering. As solder is most commonly used tin. Tin in its pure form is a relatively expensive metal, it is used for tinning and soldering of utensils for storage and cooking. Soldering of wires and circuit boards use tin-lead solder.

Flux is an auxiliary substance used to prevent oxidation prepared for the soldering surfaces. Without flux the solder will not stick to the copper surface. As a flux often use rosin.


Soldering may be required:

- soldering iron stand;
- pliers;
- pliers;
- tweezers;
- stationery knife;
- desoldering pump or copper braid.

The soldering process

1. Clean the soldering to Shine and saladita.

2. Dip the tip of a soldering iron in rosin, after typing on it a little bit of solder. Resin thus melted.

3. Press firmly join the parts to each other.

4. Attach to the connection of the soldering iron with solder on the end of the tip.

5. Slide the tip of the iron on the part or wire. This should be done quickly to rosin on the tip is not burnt.

6. Soldering spot is heated, the resin, when melted, covers the surface of the part and the solder spreading, will fill the gap between the parts.

7. Remove excess solder with a soldering iron, a desoldering pump or braid.

When properly executed, all operations are evenly solder will melt, will solidify and seal the details.

If during the solidification of the solder in the soldered parts were moved, soldering will be fragile.

The ability to solder, especially a solder well to the copper, is not given immediately, it requires persistence and practice.