You will need
  • knife;
  • - tweezers;
  • - pliers;
  • - soldering iron (soldering station);
  • - solder (tin);
  • - flux (rosin or solder paste).
Remove all connecting wires insulating layer. Use the knife, they cut the insulation around the circle and gently pulling it. The length of the peeled area of the wire is of the wire connections, and may be 10-30 mm.
The tip of a knife strip the wire to Shine. This is necessary in order to remove the metal core residues of the insulating layer, and oxides. If the wire consists of many thin copper wires, in front of such a cleansing puff on the tip of the wire, giving him the appearance of a fan. After Stripping, twist the stranded wire so he wouldn't razlomalis.
Heat the soldering iron, plugging it in the mains. Make sure that soldering tip clean. If necessary, clean it from oxides with a file or needle file and RUB a few times, the heated tip of a soldering tip on a wooden plank. Apply the soldering iron to the exposed wire, so it also warmed up.
Touch the tip of the iron to the rosin, then to the piece of solder that it is uniformly distributed on the working surface. Move the soldering iron tip to the wire you want to zaludit. If the wire is sufficiently heated, solder will spread evenly over the surface of the wire bundle.
To improve the efficiency of the operation gently RUB the tip along the wire from different sides. To protect yourself from burns, hold the wire with tweezers or pliers.
If resin flows readily and is evaporated, dip it again in the soldering tip, and then type the next portion of the solder. Molten resin should envelop the entire contact surface of the wire. If the wire is thoroughly cleaned, the process of tinning.
Make sure that the tip wire is covered with a uniform layer of solder. If the harness is badly treated places, repeat the procedure tinning again.