If you want to be the wife of an Orthodox priest, in the first place should worry about their moral character. After all, the Ministers of the Church do you value in a woman is not beauty, and morality.
So you have, first, to study Holy Scripture, treatises of the fathers of the Church about the family and other spiritual literature. And, secondly, bring your wardrobe in line with the religious rules. Priests are treated with great hostility to women in trousers, short skirts and in skimpy outfits.
When your appearance begins to conform to the ideals of the future husband can proceed to the introduction. To marry an already running priest is impossible, therefore, to seek a husband have among the future priests, students, seminarians. A lot of girls regularly going near the Seminary, wishing to become acquainted with the future priestmi. So in your quest you will not be alone.
Many future priests want to get married and to be ordained as married. The seminarians live in almost complete isolation, so to find a wife for yourself is extremely difficult. So there you will meet with great joy.
When meeting and communicating you have to remember that the relationship with the clergy differ from the secular. Be modest and restrained, as befits an Orthodox Christian.
If you wish to associate with the Church their profession, then they can enter the Seminary, the faculty of religious studies. So not only will you be able to meet there future husband-priest, but after graduation to work with him.
And finally you can marry a deeply religious man and to support him in quest to be ordained. In this case, you will be able to support a loved one, to go with him this whole difficult journey from Seminary to the preaching work.