It is in the monastery itself can be discarded, take up your cross daily and to work hard, to be a follower of Christ, not to look back in front of difficulties. You can't fall into despair or become discouraged. If the man decided to get to the monastery, it means he came to be saved and to acquire humility. And humility is achieved through obedience, obeying the leaders of the monastery.

To get to the monastery, there are several ways. The simplest, but most risky, is to get there on their own, without prior coordination with the services of the monastery, because in this case at the hotel at the monastery may not be the place. It would be better if you try to coordinate your visit with the pilgrimage service of the monastery.

Leaning a monk, a man brings to God the vows. This is quite a serious step, and that man made a mistake, once having decided on this, in the monastery of his long experience. There are several stages of monastic life:

1. The first level is novice. When people come to get acquainted with the monastery and work there "for the glory of God," that is not for money. Being a novice, a person can always return to the world, and it does not entail sin. Employee must live in the monastery, subject to its internal regulations, performing the work that it will charge the leadership of the monastery. The searcher at the monastery provides a hostel and food.

2. The second step is a novice. Novices are the people who decided to become a monk and wrote to the brethren of the petition for admission. If the Abbot convinced of the seriousness of the man, he enrolled in the brethren of the monastery, given a cassock, and the man begins a probationary period. Time is different for everyone and can reach several years. A novice can deny his intentions and go into the world. This is discouraged, but not forbidden.

3. The third stage – a monk. The person giving the vows, no turning back, because a betrayal of the vows is treason to God and a great sin.

Many of the monasteries have their own websites on the Internet, and if you decided to go to the monastery, write about yourself to the email address interested the monastery to his leadership could make a decision.