Talk to the father. As you know most of the peoples nationality is passed down from father to son. And if you're a half-blood, for example, father Russian and her mother is a Tatar, you can safely consider themselves Russian. Ask the father about his origins, if you have the opportunity. What was his nationality, like you have, with rare exceptions
Talk to the mother. This is just about the exception. If you mother is Jewish, you a Jew, despite the nationality of the father, whatever it was. So if things are so, you can apply for Israeli citizenship, though keep in mind that the army will have to serve if you are of military age. Even the girls.
Analyze your name. If you can not communicate with their parents, or they do not know your nationality, try to conduct analytical work. Drop the ending – s –s –in. They only symbolize that the name was given in Russian or Russified. Now analyze the rest of the word. If it refers to a Russian word or Russian name, e.g., Smith, Sydor, or Fedot, then you can consider yourself a Russian, or at least a Slav.If your surname ends with –enko, PAAs, it is likely that you are Ukrainian. Or your name is indeclinable Russian/Slavic word, too, then I can safely classify themselves to the descendants of Gogol.
If the end –ICH – then you probably Belarusian, provided that the rest of the names are quite Slavic. If –sky – pole, -ek, -OK – Czech.If the basis of your name is a Turkic word, it is likely that you are a Tatar or Bashkir.
If the basis of your name of the Finno-Ugric word that can relate themselves to the Mordovians, the Mari or Udmurt. For example, the LastName Nikulin.
Look in the mirror. Can and pictures of ancestors to see. If you blue-eyed blonde, then you might be Scandinavian (but doubtful) or a representative of Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia, most likely Mordvin (which is likely).
Brown hair and grey, green, blue or even brown eyes, most likely, I would say that you are a Slav.
Dark hair, aquiline nose, big eyes and thick eyebrows will say that your attitude to the peoples of the Caucasus. If the nose is wide, then you're Armenian.Curly dark hair, his nose aquiline, pointed and backward-pointing ears indicate that you are in relationship to the Jews.In any case, whomever you may be, all Nations are beautiful and equal.