The shape of the head

There are several options Jewish skulls: pear-shaped, elongated, round, compressed. All these forms are very different from Slavic. Even the slightly elongated head of a Slav retains the correct shape, while the skull of the Jew is not distinguished by symmetry. Pear-shaped Jewish skull widened at the top and narrower at the bottom, elongated skull, greatly elongated, round head is so embroiled in the neck that the neck is not visible at all.

Tikhomirov argues that the definition of belonging to the Jewish nation must also look to the lateral surface of the human skull. During the inspection of the profile shows that the head of the Slav smoothly rounded and does not have protrusions, tapered sections and abrupt transitions. Skull Jew can have an elongated shape, may be tapered. If you look at the head of a Jew in the profile, then most likely, you will see a beveled nape. Between the parietal and the occipital part of the frequently observed straight, sloped to neck area. Unlike almost straight Slavic forehead, the forehead of a Jew vary ago.


There are several types of Jewish noses: thin, elongated, nose-drop, wide nose. Extended Jewish nose has a slim end and a thin back. Sometimes in the nose bridge of the nose broadened. The tip of the nose drops abruptly down behind the line of the wings. Nose-drop starts to expand from the middle, is pulled down, it expands and ends much below the line of the wings. Do not confuse the nose-drop with a Slavic nose-duck: the Russian's nose wide duck wings, the Jewish nose drops, the wings narrow, the broadened tip of the nose.

Centuries of the stay of the Jews in the African continent have left their mark on the appearance of some representatives of this nation. Reminder Africa is wide Negroid nose. Distinctive features – broad wings, form flattened, thickened tip. Broad nose goes down, he ends up on the same line as the wings.

If you look at the profile on most Jewish noses, then you can see the famous "hook" - curved ends of the nose shaped like the number six. This distortion may begin in the middle of the nose or directly from the nose. Also, "nose-hook" is characterized by elongated nostrils.


The earlobe of a Jew is weak. Sometimes it seems that it is not at all. If the earlobe is, then it is attached to the head and looks like a separate unit, unlike the separate Slavic lobe. According to Tikhomirov, also different and the shape of the ear: if in the Slavic version of the ear is pressed in the middle, and the upper and lower parts move slightly away to the side, the Jewish ear moves away from the head in the middle, clinging to the side of the face, its upper and lower surfaces.

Jewish ear can have the most bizarre form: to thicken the middle of it, to have bumps, cracking, thickening and sharpening. Side of the ear of the Jew is often drawn upwards or backwards. To head the Jewish ear is attached unevenly: it can be very laid back and placed almost horizontally.