Apply for making changes in the column "nationality" in Registrar office (the bodies of civil status acts at the place of residence. The statement can be written in free form to the name of the office of the Registrar. The application should consist of: the petition for the change of nationality, the date of signature of the applicant. To submit such statements allowed not only the place of residence and place of birth.
Collect all required documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate (and, if applicable, divorce). In that case, if the change of nationality takes place on the basis of different nationality of the father or mother is also required birth certificate of the father or mother.
Please be patient, as the statement about change of nationality can be considered within one month. For some reason, which defines the office of the Registrar, the processing time can be prolonged, but in any case may not exceed two months.
Be prepared for the fact that, despite an article in the law on the right of self-determination in the matter of nationality, your application will not be accepted. The fact that this procedure is performed rarely, and the law is relatively new. And in reality, the employees of the registry office can refuse your request on the basis of internal laws of the Registrar's office. In each region of the country causes of failure can have different causes. In this case, you will find the next step.
In case of failure again with all the documents, please contact the district court of the city, and serve on the trial. The basis of the statement becomes article 26 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, according to which every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to determine and indicate his nationality alone. According to this article, no one should be forced to determine their nationality. And thus prevent the change of nationality.