If you have completed military service in the armed forces of Ukraine and have full secondary education, contact the nearest police station and ask what to do in police school. Girls wishing to apply for the training must be at least 18 years old, and they also must have a high school diploma.
Will do after school, any University (preferably law or relating to the Ministry of the interior). After completion of training you will be able to address in militia with the statement of work and already apply for the rank of officer (Lieutenant, Lieutenant).
A prerequisite for joining the police is the lack of a criminal record. Even if a criminal case against you was dismissed by agreement of the parties or at the expiration of the limitation period, employment in the police, you can not.
You admitted to the police at the end of secondary school, specialized school, high school or College, you must complete compulsory tests in the Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine, social science (foundations of state and law) and, of course, to take a specific set of sporting regulations. In addition, you'll need to submit a medical certificate on form 086/u with the endorsement of the medical Commission and the certificate from narcological and psycho-neurological dispensary that you are not listed as they have registered.
Recruitment to militia is done on the basis of a contract with a probation period of 1 year. All newly hired police officers shall take an oath, the text of which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. After you work in the bodies of internal Affairs for at least three years, you will be able to submit the application for issuance of a direction in one of the universities of the Ministry of interior, if you have only secondary education.