You will need
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontist
The quickest way of cleaning the gaps between teeth - this coating is a veneer. Veneers are ceramic plates that the dentist affixes to the teeth. Using these records and the overlap is formed, which closes the gap.
Before placing veneers, the tooth surface should be carefully prepared so that the plate held firm. Of course, the oral cavity before the procedure must be sanitized completely. Then teeth foryouth, polished and covered with special protective gel. After that, the dentist glues veneers, pre-selected in the color of your teeth. After installation, the glue remnants are removed and the veneers are polished.
The only drawback of this procedure when installing the veneers will need to grind off the enamel of your teeth.
The second method is orthodontic treatment. This is one of the longest journeys, however, it is of the highest quality. Teeth pre-cured, cleaned, and then they glued braces. Braces held together with metal arches or rubber bands. This design aims to shift the teeth. However, we must note that this method is faster during early adolescence. The older the patient, the longer you will have to wear this design. You can also install and lingual, the so-called "invisible" braces, they are glued to the inner side of the teeth. -Average time wearing braces from one to two years.
There is a more gentle method than braces. It's clear plastic aligners, which are made on an individual impression and worn all day. The advantage of the fact that they are virtually invisible, they can be removed before meals, and you can also combine the movement of teeth along with bleach.
If the crack is small, you can resort to art restoration. In this case, the doctor will increase you teeth special adjusting seal.