To disguise a diastema, you can resort to a therapeutic method of artistic restoration of teeth. Consult an experienced dentist, he will select a composite material which will be suitable to the color of the enamel of your teeth, and then growing them the missing wall. The doctor will apply a special photopolymer with a brush in several layers. The material hardens under the light of a certain spectrum.
How to remove the gap between the <b>front</b> <em>teeth</em>
There are orthopedic removal method Shcherbinka between the front teeth. If you are willing to resort to prosthetics, veneers, rush to the dental clinic. The dentist will glue on the outer side of the front teeth thin porcelain laminates – veneers. These ceramic parts will hide the crack and darkening of enamel, if any.
How to remove the gap between the <b>front</b> <em>teeth</em>
Orthodontic method for correcting gaps between teeth is familiar to all from childhood. Is the use of braces or trays. These devices should be worn from a year and more, the teeth will gradually shift in the right direction, the gap will disappear. The same way cleaned the gaps between other teethand not just the front.
How to remove the gap between the <b>front</b> <em>teeth</em>