Some people believe their existing chip , a significant disadvantage. Often, the diastema is not the source of the mass of the complexes, however, is to get rid of this source can help modern dentistry. It offers three different ways of eliminating the distance between the teeth. The first is the aesthetic restoration. The dentist will just increase the required amount of fabrics using composite veneers. this method has the great advantage - time. The fact is that to get rid of Shcherbinka between the teeth in just a single visit to the specialist.
If the patient selects the orthopedic method, for the end result to worry about him just do not have. A beautiful smile without flaws will be guaranteed. In this case, the problem is solved with porcelain veneers or crowns.
And finally, the last option is orthodontic. It requires much more time to achieve results. The treatment may take several months to a year. However, here there is absolutely another advantage. Your teeth will not suffer, because no polishing or grinding of the teeth at this time is not required.
However, you should consider the benefits of each described method is still the cause of the diastema, its severity. By the way, often so-called chip goes through inheritance (the main reason is the relatively low attachment of the frenulum of the upper lip). Also, do not forget that diastema may occur due to bad habits, but also because of the partial absence of teeth, irregular shapes and size of the lateral incisors.