You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • photography.
Option Open the File menu, load the Photoshop that you want to work. Ctrl+J to duplicate the only layer from which the document consists. Moving the right controller in the Navigator palette, zoom in viewing photos.
Visible gaps between teeth, or diagonal chips can be masked with the help of the Liquify filter, which offers a window option from the Filter menu. Selecting the tool Freeze Mask, paint with it, the lips on the photos. This way you will be able to protect them from deformation.
Apply Liquify to mask the cracks in your teeth makes sense if the area you want to hide is not more than a quarter of the width of the nearest tooth. Otherwise the result will not look natural. Before starting, mask Freeze Mask tool one of the teeth near the correct interval, and the slit half-width.
Turn on the Forward Warp tool and adjust its options in the Tool Options. Adjust Brush Size so that the brush tool was the size of a single tooth, located near the masked defect. All other parameters set to the maximum value. Place the pointer to free from the mask of the tooth and slide it towards the gap.
Tool Thaw Mask erase the mask from the tooth. Switching to Freeze Mask, paint over just the edited portion of photo. The Forward Warp tool, move the tooth, from which you just removed the mask in the direction of the gap. Having achieved an acceptable result, click on the OK button.
Diagonal gouges and large gaps between teeth can be corrected with the Clone Stamp tool. Ctrl+Shift+N insert a picture on top of the new layer, which will be the corrective elements, and in the settings tool, enable the option to Sample all layers.
Select the area of the photo by copying the part of which you will be able to close the defect. Click on the found field, hold down Alt. Go into the edit fragment and draw it on top of the copied area. Because you are working on a new layer, nothing will prevent you to delete unnecessary fragments, if they came from under the brush tool. Turn on the Eraser Tool and remove the unwanted parts of the picture.
Chipped area can be masked copy of the other half of the same tooth, the reflected horizontally. Turn on the Lasso tool, circle the undamaged area of the photo and paste it on a new layer. Option Flip Horizontal Transform group Edit menu will reflect the copied section. The Move tool move it to the desired location and, if necessary, erase the extra fragments.
Save the retouched photos option Save As File menu.