Make sure that the child is not removed the device at night. In the event of failure recommendations the outcome of the treatment may be lost as teeth return to its original position. Dentist should tell you about the terms of use of the plate.
Carefully take care of dental records. The plaque that accumulates on the teeth and the orthodontic device can cause the development of caries. The child should immediately explain that if he does not comply with the hygiene of cavity of mouth, a beautiful smile to be seen.The plate is cleaned with special gels. One gel I use daily, and the second is used once a week for deep cleaning. These funds should recommend your orthodontist. Cleaning the removable plates produce personal toothbrush child. You cannot use a brush with rough bristles as it can damage the parts of the structure.
If self-clean was not enough and the Tartar on the plate impossible to remove, you can give the device a hardware cleaning. With the help of a special device plate will be perfectly clean and sterilized.
For a more thorough treatment is recommended once a week to fill the plate in a container with a special cleaning concentrate for long periods of time, e.g. overnight.
After cleaning the solution should drip on the screw plate (if there is one) drop of vegetable oil and then turn it clockwise and back. Avoid premature rotation of the screw, as this may lead to unnecessary activation of the device. The procedure for thorough cleaning it is best to spend the day before visiting the orthodontist and the next activation of the apparatus.
At mealtimes, remove the device, otherwise the leftover food will decompose it, causing the formation of cavities. Do not want to use elixirs, mouth rinse better to use a non-alcoholic fluoride treatment-and-prophylactic mouthwash. Do not use for cleaning plates toothpicks and Flossie. Get your chewing gum at the time of treatment.