Braces – this is ingenious devices reminiscent of locks, which can reliably straighten the teeth. The design is fixed to the teeth either on the inner or on the outer surface with a special material. The alignment process starts with the minute as soon as the slots of the braces installed a special arc that has memory effect. It performs the main function, because it puts certain pressure on the teeth forcing them to shift. Non-removable device embedded in the oral cavity for the period of alignment of teeth, i.e. wearing it has day-to-day and take off independently is not possible. But the motivation level of the tooth row is big enough.
Despite the seeming simplicity of the brackets-the brackets are arranged is quite difficult, because the orthodontist must be able to accurately and right to move any tooth in a given direction. And this is accurate, almost jewelry work.


These devices, which is a transparent caps, worn on the dentition, is usually used in order to consolidate the results achieved while wearing braces. However, they are effective and with a slight curvature of the teeth. Aligners, unlike braces, are easily removed when necessary. However, they do not violate the diction and do not injure the jaw and the shell of the mouth, because they do not contain metal parts.


Veneers – this is a special plate, made of porcelain, ceramic or composite material. They are designed for visual alignment of the teeth. Are bonded to the front side of the tooth. Their thickness is negligible, it is smaller than the thickness of the eggshell. However, prosthetic restorations provides for a mandatory condition, namely, the hard grinding of the teeth, i.e. the cutting down of tooth tissue up to 1 mm. With all that these pristine white plates that make the smile irresistible, willing to use public people – hosts of the show, actors, singers, speakers, etc.


These devices are a modern and more durable counterparts veneers. Their installation does not require the restoration of teeth, removal of dental tissue surface, etc.
Lumineers have a tighter fit to the tooth surface. It protects from falling for these food particles and create fertile ground for reproduction of germs and caries.


The removable prosthesis is made of silicone, called trainers, do not require constant wear. They are convenient in use, since it does not create additional pressure on the muscles located in the oral cavity. Trainers are able to delicately remove the defects, i.e. to align the teeth practically due to the natural abilities of the body.

Straightening teeth with the help of this device is becoming more and more popular way in the world. It is used even in the period of the mixed occlusion, i.e. 5 to 7 years of age, the benefit is extremely simple and completely painless method. Tellingly, the trainers correct the underlying cause of pathologies. When this is possible recurrences, the results of correcting the teeth are fixed permanently.