You will need
  • device for mounting compression rings.
First groove of the piston, intended for installation of the rings, cleaned of contaminants. Then in the lower groove is inserted into a coil spring oil scraper ring, and then compressing the piston oil ring, it is precipitated on top of the spring. To install the specified ring is required with extreme caution because it is made of cast iron, and it gives the parts more brittle, so you want to avoid it too unclamping. Installing oil control ring, rotate it so that locks of rings and springs were on opposite sides.
Further the piston is positioned lower compression ring, which differs from the upper ring that its lower edge has a groove on the outer diameter.
Latest on the piston set the top compression ring is made from heat-resistant steel.
Install the compression rings using the same method in which the thumbs are bred locks ring in hand, wide enough to bridge the diameter of the piston.
Wearing on the piston rings, all three locks are placed at an angle of 120 degrees relative to each other, and with the location of the piston rings compressed into the cylinder.
On the upper surface of the compression rings must be marked with the inscription "THOR", that in translation from English into Russian language means "the Top". The inscription is intended for clues of how the ring has to be placed on the piston.