Separately prepare a drawing of the pattern you will be guided promazyvaya details jackets. In knitting comes from the density in 24 stitches for 7 rows square canvas 10x10 cm
To tie the front detail of the sweater, make a chain the desired number of loops that corresponds to your size (42 to correspond to the size of the 133 air loop, for larger size increase their number). Add to the chain three loops for lifting.
Further provarite four rows of columns with nakida, and in the fourth row with two sides from the seven Central tie loops instead of two columns of two air loops. Thus, you will have holes into which you can insert the cord. You have completed the bottom edge of the product.
Continue to knit the pattern, referring to the circuit. Provatas canvas 55 cm, proverite the neck, close the four Central repeating pattern, and each side done separately. In every second row twice turn down one repeat of the pattern to get the bevel of the neck. Finish the knitting, when it will reach a height of 62 cm.
Continue to crochet backless – knit it in the same way as the front part to the height of 61 cm, starting from this height, proverite the neck, covering the Central 8 the rapport of the pattern.
For the manufacture of sleeves, type 55-60 loops, add three hinges, tie columns with nakida two rows, then continue knitting pattern under the scheme. On both sides, add in every fourth row six times, with one repeat of the pattern. Tie the sleeve up to 39 cm and finish knitting. Repeat on the second sleeve.
Hooded sweaters knitted in two parts – dial 55 of the stitches, adding 3 hinges, and then knit according to the scheme, and 24 cm start doing subtraction, rounding out the shape of one half of the hood.
Take away four times in a row on one rapport. Then tie the second half of the hood symmetrically first, and sew both parts. The front edge of the hood tie four rows of columns with nakida.
Sew all parts together and tie the neck of columns with nakida.