You will need
  • For child hood:
  • 50 grams yarn and a hook No. 5
  • Hood big size:
  • 100 g of yarn and hook No. 3
Tie the hood for baby size 62. Knit pattern "bumps". Density knitting 10 cm 16 loops and 10 rows.Pattern "bumps" start a chain of air loops. First row: in the second, and then on each of the first air loop, knit 1 tbsp. b/n. At the end of a number provarite air loop. Second row: art. b/n, hook-and-enter in full the basis of a loop. At the end of the range as well provarite air loop. Third row: 1 "bump and 1 air loop. Repeat to end of row. In order to link a "bump", enter the hook in the full basis of article. b/n, and pull up a loop, enter the hook in the first St. b/n, pull the thread, make a yo, enter the hook in the second century. b/n, pull up a loop and all seven loops provarite together with stitches. At the end of a number provarite air loop. The fourth and subsequent rows knit the same way, alternating "bumps" and the air loop. For "bumps" hook enter the full base of the loops lower "bumps" and hanging loops. End the ranks of the air hinges.Dial for knitting hood 42 and an air loop 1 air loop rise (26 cm). In the second row 10 times evenly with 1 loop, knit 2 tbsp. b/n. in 20 cm (19 rows) leave in the middle of the 8 loops and knit the two parts separately is still 2 cm strap tie 2 rows St. b/n at the edges of the shelves of the hood. Hook type in each "bump" and the top loop of the lift. At the front edge of the link 4 times in one "lumpy". In order to tie the hood, make 2 drawstring with POM-poms.
Tie the hood of the two symmetrical halves size 40 – 42.The basic pattern: art. s/n of the first loop of each row replace 3 air loop lifting.Twist a chain of seven loops and three loops of recovery. Knit the basic pattern. Add loop as follows: in the second row 1 time for 3 loops a 10 loops. In the third row 2 times for 1 loop, for a total of 12 loops. Then link the 41 air loop and 3 air loop lifting. Rotate job. In the fourth row tie bars connecting 14, 12 St. b/n, proverite 27 loops basic pattern. In the fifth row make 46 loops basic pattern, bind 5 polostevichi and 2 tbsp. b/n. Total will be 53 loop. In the sixth row add 3 loops. Total received 56 loops. Knit from typesetting edge 24 cm Then, leave the 3 loops on the left, and in each row, tie 4 times for 4 loops.Through 29 cm will be connected to half of the hood. From here knit symmetrically. Take away where added and Vice versa.Bind on the front edge of the 4 rows of the main pattern for the strap. Make a cord the proper length and insert it into the bar.