Advice 1: How to knit a hood

For a beautiful and original design neck products, the ideal option would be the creation of the hood. Knit hood using a shortened and decorative series. Thus, the hood fit on the basis of the assembled product.
The hood fit on the basis of the assembled product
Type loops along the edge of the neck. Objazyvaet the neck on the obverse and on the reverse side, in order to hide "flaws".
Provarite two rows completely, then start knitting, using a shortened series.
Provarite one half Golovino of the forehand.
For Golovino back, go to the second segment of the front, again provarite cropped rows.
Next, tie the cloth smoothly. To ensure product originality, to knit the hood with decorative rows of several loops knit garter, the distance between the decorative strips is equal to 2/3 of the number of loops accumulated at Golovino back.
For the back part make the addition of loops, however, if the width of the hood enough, a raise could not be done.
Continue knitting products to the required length.
The edges of the side portions of the hood hinge, close, and leave the middle open.
Knit the middle, joining the side parts. For connection use the "sewn plank". In this way the hood and placket are knitted separately. Strap knit garter knitting. When this strap is attached to the hood in the process of knitting the outermost loop in the end of each row of the front side.
Davaite until the end of the front row, the last loop from the needles need to be removed. After the loop under the edge of the main leaf type hook, grab the removed loop with the strap and route it under the edge loop of the main canvas. Put the loop on the needle. The result is a connection of the product and strap.
Expand the canvas and provarite purl row, then provarite the first and the last edge loop.
Tie the edge of the elastic to complete the hood.

Advice 2: How to knit a striped

Do not always have the necessary skills to write elegant patterns, especially if the seamstress does not have sufficient experience. However, even the ordinary "striped", knitted in harmoniously matched colours can be done in different ways. And how many different striped combinations you can put in the basis of knitted items. In this issue an unlimited space for imagination.
How to knit a striped
You will need
  • - 2-3 colors of yarn;
  • - spokes.
Stripe horizontal is the most common type, as it's easy to do in the course of knitting. However, we must remember that the stripes associated hosiery, and garter viscous, will look totally different. For any of the described sample dial on the spokes of the 20 loops. Don't forget that in each row the first (edge) loop must be removed not promazyvaya, as it forms the smooth edge of the blade.
Knit socks in stripes. Pick up the thread of two colors, e.g. white, and blue. Start to run a sample yarn of blue color. 1,3,5 ranks provarite the front loops. 2,4,6 do reverse loops, that is the pattern. Before you start knitting a number of different color, attach the new (white) thread on the free end of waste (blue) yarn. Now also remove the first edge of the loop and knit the thread of white color the same number of rows. The string performed strip previous colors, do not cut as 6 rows again, will continue to work with yarn of a contrasting color. Change of colors complete with the same hand.
Knit in garter stripes. The entire sample only knit facial loops. If thread were the same color, the difference between front and back sides would not be. However, when knitting a contrasting thread appears difference. Provarite 2 rows in blue yarn, then 2 rows white. Repeat this procedure several times and compare the two sides. On the front side are strips, each in 2 rows. From the back contrast stripes arranged in 2 times more often.
Stripes vertically to knit a bit more complicated and takes more yarn. Follow the thread of blue color the first row of facial loops, purl the second. Now start knitting 3 rows. In the beginning tie a white thread, which will start operation. Remove the first edge loop, then the whole number provarite front loops: 4 white, 5 blue, 5 white, 5 blue. Threads of contrasting colors trim and stretch freely on the reverse side, that is at work. In the back row, loose thread will be located before work.
Strip diagonally fit similar to the stripes vertically only with a slight difference. 3 row provarite similar to the above scheme 4, a number of run on the figure. 5 in row "slide" each color on one loop (2). As a result, get facial canvas with diagonal stripes.

Advice 3: How to knit a hood knitting: tips for beginners

The hood makes the knitted sweater is especially comfortable, gives it perfection and stylish design. Handmade product will decorate a children's and adult closet, will be relevant not only in autumn and winter, but the off-season, cool summer evenings. If you still don't know how to tie hood knitting tips for beginners will quickly learn the appropriate way to work on a useful and beautiful piece of clothing.
How to knit a hood spokes


Hood-bonnet stitched

The easiest way to associate a hoodie to carry on the straight spokes of rectangular knitted fabric, and then draw the necessary connecting seam. Measure the length of the neck of the finished goods, consider the width of the straps to the clasp. Knowing the density of the knit (how many loops fit in length and ranges in height on the canvas), enter the desired number of loops.

Knit hood spokes straight and reverse rounds, in the same pattern, and that the main product (jacket, cardigan). Height equal to the height of the head, for freedom of fit is necessary to add 3 cm When the rectangle is ready, close the last row, fold the piece in the form of a bonnet face down. Connect the top and back of the products with the help of a hook or polostevichi neat seam using the yarn from the working coil.


A little more complicated in execution, handy hood spokes runs like a sock heel. Detail you can make separately and sew to the garment or gain of the loop at the neck products using a working tool with fishing line. You get the product a rounded shape is exactly the shape of the head. According to this method, it is recommended to associate a jacket with a hood for children.

Enter the loop, taking the reference length of the neck of the garment. Start with gum 1x1. When it reaches 2 cm, continue in stocking knit. Make a subtraction for the subsequent strapping: close at 5 loops with opposite edges of the row. Make straight the canvas to the back of the head. After fitting check the beginning of the formation of a corner of the canvas.

Count the loops and contrasting thread to mark the borders of three equal parts, spread a cotton bow on the three spokes. If there is an odd loop, add them to the middle. Then continue to knit the hood spoke in the following order: the number on the left side; the Central part; the last loop of the middle and the first hinge right side face of the segment together.

Turn the work and complete the Central part of the details, the last shackle provarite together with the first side. Again turn the canvas and work on the model, yet not only the middle. Close the loop.

Type the high edge of the hood hinges on the spokes with fishing line and make the gum-line. Her height is 5 previously closed loops with two edges of the hood. Last row, close. If you want to have a hood with drawstring and lace, follow the higher elastic, fold in half and sew to the stacked edge of the darning needle and working yarn.

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