The selection of yarn and tools for knitting hooded coat

Knitted fashion this season a variety of, trend silhouettes 50-70-W years, so the coat can be of different shapes: trapezoidal, form-fitting or O-shaped. But the easiest way to knitting a rectangular silhouette. To coat unusual color and texture, use crochet yarn in two shades of one color, such as Burgundy and bronze, or dark blue and gray.

Crochet hooded coat size 48 you will need:
- 1000 g soft and thick twisted yarns ('67/100g) of two tones (500 g of each color);
- straight knitting needles No. 6-6,5;
- 3 support spokes;
- sewing machine and thread in the tone;
- 1 button.

How to knit a fantasy pattern

Looks very impressive overcoat that is associated elongated hinge. Link the sample and calculate the required number of loops for mating. Dial 20 loops and provarite in the first and second row all loops of the front thread of the same color into the third knit 1 long loop (to do this, type the pin in the corresponding loop of the previous row and provarite 1 front), the second loop - just the front, repeat to end of row, alternating elongated and the front of the loop.

In the fourth row, go to the knitting thread of the second color and provarite whole range of facial. In the fifth alternate to the end of series 1 elongated loop and 1 face as described above. Then continue with 3 to 6 rows, alternating stripes of different hue every second. Density knitting fantasy pattern, extended loops in the sample 10x10 cm should be 15 loops and 30 rows. If the number is different then make your calculations for knitting.

Back coat

To associate the hooded coat size 48, type in the spokes 72 in the conventional way loop and knit right fancy pattern. Depending on the desired length products at the height of 50-60 cm from the dial-in number start to knit the armhole. It is necessary to close both sides of a part in every second row 1 times 3, 1 times 2 and 1 times for 1 loop.

At a height of 70-80 cm crochet detail backless finish. On both sides of the back coat close to 18 shoulder loops, 24 loop remaining unclosed 24 stitches in the middle part, turn on the auxiliary needle.

Shelves coat

Take the first stacked series of loops 46. On the right side of the part start to knit garter bar mating for 4 loops (all the loops knit facial and facial and purl rows). Next row knit fancy pattern extra long loops.

Provatas, 50-60 cm (in accordance with the length of the back) start to knit the armhole. It is necessary to close both sides of a part in every second row 1 times 3, 1 times 2 and 1 times for 1 loop. At a height of 70-80 cm from the stacked number of the first loop 22 to move the auxiliary needle. The remaining 18 shoulder loops close. Left shelf knit similarly the right but in mirror image.

How to knit sleeves products

Make a stacked row of loops 54 and starting from the first row, you knit sleeve fancy pattern in each 30-m row add on each side of the part 4 times for 1 loop. Provatas 42 cm, on both sides of the part of the sleeve close in every second row 1 times 3, 1 times 2, 15 times for 1 and 3 times 3 loops. Then knit straight and all the remaining loops close at the height of 56-58 cm from the start knitting.

How to tie hood

22 pending hinge right shelves, then 24 stitches and 22 of the back loops left shelves slide support spokes on the workers. Both sides are knit in garter viscous at 4 loops, and the remaining 60 - fancy pattern. At the height of 30 cm from the mouth, close all the loops.

The Assembly of the items

Before you start to sew a coat, soak all the details. Slightly wring out, without twisting. Place it on a flat surface. Carefully unfold and let dry.

Then fold the details of the shelves and backs, right sides inside and stitch shoulder seams and top of the hood. Vsheyte sleeve in the armhole. Sew the sides and run seams sleeves.

Unscrew on the wrong side of the bottom edge of the coat and sleeves by 5 cm Hem them manually hidden seam.

To complete the facing strips, the dial on the spokes 7 of the loops and tie right in purl stitch. At the height of 60 cm from the stacked series at a distance of 3 cm from the edge provarite 1 hole for the buttons (2 loops knit together, then make 1 yo). At the height 218-238 cm from the start knitting (the amount depends on the length of coat), close all the loops. Obtachku sew to straps and neck backless hidden seam. Sew one large flat button to the right shelf coat.