Look at the knitting of the hood to the neckline of the back, which remains as was, and does not require any changes.
Determine and mark the dimensions of the future of the hood, as well as the length and the stripe size of the clasp on the collar.
Linking the details of the sweater (the front and the back) and staple them together, leave open loops of the neck.
Enter in the outermost loop of the neck a knitting needle provarite a number of facial loops at the front of the unit, making the edge of the neck, starting from the selected point.
Loop reaching to this point, simply remove, not promazyvaya on second needle.
Crochet cowl, choose a simple garter knit facial loops. Knit hood and periodically, add on the center line of the posterior part, or on the outer front edge of the hood additional loops.
From different types adding loops depends on the future shape of the hood is stretched forward or swept back. Davaite hood to the desired height (e.g., 40 cm), and close a number of loops of the auxiliary thread.
Smooth and otparit product, and then decorative appetite additional thread.
Sew the finished hood with the main product, using seam "loop in the loop for stitching. Your knitted product with a hood ready.