You will need
  • wool;
  • spokes;
  • the scheme of knitting
To tie the jacket to the boy, you need to determine the model of the product: whether it is to button buttons or become solid, to do a classic collar or with V-neck. When to decide, choose and buy yarn, knitting needles and start knitting. Don't forget to measure your child to the jacket was to him.
How to connect <strong>jacket</strong> <b>boy</b>
Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops. Calculate need based on the age of the child, for example, each change in size is +/- 10 loops. Now start knitting elastic. Best pattern 2x2 (2 front, 2 purl alternately). It will help the better sweater will shrink and will sit tighter on the child. Knit about 2 inches in height (about 4 rows).
How to connect <strong>jacket</strong> <b>boy</b>
Then, if you knit a fairly simple jacket without frills, continue knitting the front or garter viscous. If you plan shirt with a picture or pattern, then add it as instructed on the diagram. Try the canvas to the child. At chest level of armhole take in every second row by 1 loop. Repeat as necessary 4 the canvas 4 times. When you knit the back, close the canvas to the top at the neck. When, at the height of the clavicle, need to close the loop in the middle and gradually subtract 1 loop on the edges to get cut.
How to connect <strong>jacket</strong> <b>boy</b>
Then join in the sleeves. For this again you need to dial loops and knit waffle-knit. Just as you trimmed the bottom of your shirt. Crochet sleeveless is a little different from the main cloth - similarly either the front or garter knit. That's just the fabric itself will be smaller and should be in every 4th row to add on the 1st loop. And to do that about 10-15 times (depending on the length of the arm). Towards the end of the knit sleeve, it is necessary to subtract 1 in the loop in every 2nd row 4 times. And you can close the knitting. Similarly, fit the second sleeve.
Now you need to build. To start, moisten the parts and dry them. It is necessary that the thread finished and given its natural shrinkage. After starting to sew the product. To do this, treat all seams, vsheyte sleeve and place the edge on the shoulders. You can simply sew together, and you can sew a button on an air loop or button. All, your shirt is ready.