Enchanted person is deprived of freedom, begins to behave strangely and sometimes it becomes similar to the madman. It appears quite sudden, unconscious desire to be always near to those who have made it a spell. At the same time, the other members of the opposite sex did not wonder. Enchanted it seems that he just can't live without the object of his suddenly appeared out of nowhere love, however, this relationship does not bring him joy and satisfaction.
After sexual contact with someone who did a love spell, the person feels depressed and guilty, feels terrible remorse and mental anguish. Instead of having to be near the object of his passion, charmed seeks to be alone. Spending hours in serious thought, the victim of a love spell swears to himself that this will never happen again, but in spite of their own after some time, again, besides, who was charmed. And repeats all over again.
How to understand that you charmed
At work at an enchanted person, the problems begin. He continually focused only on their inner feelings and completely loses touch with the outside world. In addition to problems with his superiors, his disagreements with colleagues. The victim of the spell loses the taste of life and ceases to take the initiative.
Enchanted people continue to sincerely believe that the situation is still under control. On the puzzled questions why the last time he had some kind of removed the "glass" look, meets with a visible irritation and aggression.
The victim of the spell starts deep depression. He begins to feel a hatred for someone who was charmed, but, at the same time, it is inexplicable drawn to the sudden "inexplicable object of passion."
The victim of the spell becomes very sentimental and maudlin. That seems to be recently quite a healthy guy who is skeptical about the melodrama and heart-rending books, suddenly begins to cry, listening to some romantic song.
How to understand that you charmed
Enchanted begins to constantly feel a sense of fear, the nature of which he is unable to explain. He gradually begins to lose self-esteem.
The man charmed, begins to feel complete indifference to the spouse (spouse) and their children. In the family begin to happen strange things. Enchanted, on my knees, begging to let him go to the object of his passion, promising that it will be over soon and the family will once again reign peace and mutual understanding.
The victim of the spell begin to pursue failure in all areas of his life. Problems begin to multiply and grow, sometimes surrounding even begin to wonder how many people are able to make trouble. In the life of an enchanted person truly begin to happen mystical events. He often begins to have nightmares mainly of erotic content. For example, in a dream he raped, killed, betrayed and bullied in every way.
How to understand that you charmed
In the house suddenly begin to break down appliances, mechanical watches stop often start to lose various small items, trinkets, jewelry.
Often at the threshold of apartment of the victim of the spell can be found scattered about the ground, nowhere appeared the puddle of water, melted candles, lumps of wool, burnt matches, seeds, plants, rusty nails or needles. There are even cases when victims began to curl and darken.
How to understand that you charmed
If the spell is done professionally, sometimes the victim can go insane or even die suddenly.