If preparing for any event you have absolutely not glued, think about it, does the fate of you sign, what to do this in any case should not be. There are numerous examples of how people were late to the airport because I could not find the documents, then the key in the front door, the taxi couldn't get to them due to traffic jams, and then it turned out that the plane on which they were flying crashed.
The message of fate may come to you in the form of text ads or passage daytime talk show. It would seem that you have heard many times the clip advertising the toothpaste that strengthens teeth and helps with tooth decay and did not pay attention to her, and today listened attentively and thought to myself, what kind of crap is this caries. Now do not tighten the trip to the dentist – sure cavities you already have.
Sign fate you may be in the form of spontaneous phrases, overheard you. For example, you and your friend in a café discussing the cute guy who you liked, and then from the next table until you reach a snatch of conversation: "you know, he broke her heart and left her!". Note - before you sign the fate.
You can witness unexpected events by which the fate will also try to give you a sign. For example, sitting in a bus and pondering the purchase of personal vehicles, you witness a car accident. Or at the door of the office where you go for an interview, you are faced with a crying girl. In this situation, and the interview, and buy the car you better wait.
Recurring dreams can also give you information about the future. If the same dream more than twice you better pay attention to it – someone is trying to tell you something important.