Advice 1: How to embroider lettering

The inscription at the bottom embroidered landscape or portrait often is signed by the embroiderer. On napkins and towels, the letters themselves become a graceful ornament, and a full decoration. To embroider the inscription, does not require special skills or additional training. Simply use the scheme of embroidery.
How to embroider lettering
To embroider the inscription in Latin letters, use the alphabet to illustrate. Each square corresponds to a square on the canvas. Scheme is suitable for embroidery, tapestry, seam, cross and polycristal and beading technique of the monastery of the seam. The distance between the letters of the word – four or five squares between the words – the length of the letter plus eight to ten squares.
How to embroider lettering
Cross stitch Russian alphabet, use the following illustration. The spacing between letters is about the same, but can change it at its discretion and depending on the size of the letters. Scheme is suitable for the same types of embroidery: cross, half-cross, gobeleny and monastic seam.
How to embroider lettering
For embroidery stitch can use the schema specified in the third illustration. Colors and sizes change according to your taste. The spacing between the letters - about half the average width of a letter, but depending on the artistic design, size and lettering letters can be positioned closer or farther. Try different options, the main thing - all the experiments Express on paper and on fabric strictly follow the prepared scheme.
How to embroider lettering
This is not the only options for embroidery of letters. Depending on the style of work, you can even create your own charts in a variety of themes: star, cuisine, technology, music, flowers, and so on. To do this, simply draw each letter on a checkered sheet of paper, where each square corresponds to a square canvas. Use different symbols to represent different colors.

Advice 2: How to embroider the pillow with cross

Pillow with embroidered cross may be the cutest element of the interior. It will be cozy because the made with his own hands. In addition, embroidered cushion, exclusive and original thing that attracts the attention of guests.
How to embroider the pillow with cross
You will need
  • - fabric with embroidery;
  • - fabric for pillowcase;
  • - thread color of this fabric;
  • - fabric for the pillow-case;
  • - needle;
  • - sewing machine (optional);
  • - material for getting your pillows (feather, down or synthetic winterizer).
Prepare embroidery. Wash and Pat her. It is desirable that all sides to the embroidered object to be the same amount of unfilled space (assuming that the background were not embroidered).
Determine the size of the pillow (this depends on the size of the embroidery). Embroidery can take up the entire front side, and to be in its center, with all sides being framed by some other cloth like in the frame. Record the number of centimeters will be one direction of future pillows.
Prepare the fabric for the pillow-case. You then fill in the feathers or synthetic padding. And the embroidery is better to make a pillowcase, so it can be, if necessary, to remove and wash.
Lay on the table cloth, special chalk, draw two identical squares, leave from each side of the 2 inch, when you cut. These indents need to be bound. Fold the squares together inside out and hand-baste stitch. Then prostrochite already on the sewing machine all sides of a square, except one.
How to embroider <b>pillow</b> <strong>cross</strong>
Received remove the cover and stuff it with feathers, polyester batting or other filler. Sew the hole by hand, with tucked edges inside. Pillow ready. Now it remains to make a pillow case with embroidery.
Take a piece of good fabric. To make the back of the pillowcase, cut a square with sides an inch and a half longer than for the basic pillowcase. Also cut a 3 rectangle with the length of the long side equal to the side of the square. And the fourth rectangle make wider inches by seven. This rectangle will be located at the bottom of the pillow to get lapped.
How to embroider <b>pillow</b> <strong>cross</strong>
Sew these rectangles, podrachivaya corners diagonally to make a sort of frame for embroidery.
How to embroider <b>pillow</b> <strong>cross</strong>
Put the resulting "frame" on the embroidery, tucked the edges inside and stitch along the edge. Now embroidery forms one whole with the "frame", and together they make up the front side of the pillowcase.
Fold the front and back of pillow together, inside out. In this case fold the bottom of the front side to make a "lap". The edges of both bottom parts of the pillow cases should be pre-rolled and hemmed.
Prostrochite from the top and the sides. Pillow case ready. Remove it and put it on the pillow.
How to embroider <b>pillow</b> <strong>cross</strong>
Useful advice
If you already have some plain pillow, just make her a pillow case with embroidery.
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