To embroider the inscription in Latin letters, use the alphabet to illustrate. Each square corresponds to a square on the canvas. Scheme is suitable for embroidery, tapestry, seam, cross and polycristal and beading technique of the monastery of the seam. The distance between the letters of the word – four or five squares between the words – the length of the letter plus eight to ten squares.
How to embroider lettering
Cross stitch Russian alphabet, use the following illustration. The spacing between letters is about the same, but can change it at its discretion and depending on the size of the letters. Scheme is suitable for the same types of embroidery: cross, half-cross, gobeleny and monastic seam.
How to embroider lettering
For embroidery stitch can use the schema specified in the third illustration. Colors and sizes change according to your taste. The spacing between the letters - about half the average width of a letter, but depending on the artistic design, size and lettering letters can be positioned closer or farther. Try different options, the main thing - all the experiments Express on paper and on fabric strictly follow the prepared scheme.
How to embroider lettering