You will need
  • stencil, pencil, thread, machine, Hoop
When embroidering manually you need: a Hoop, a needle and thread. When knitting with a sewing machine is a very important product dimensions. Patterns smaller than 20 cm can be embroidered on electronic sewing machine, large-can embroider with a sewing, as it is equipped with the embroidery unit.
To embroider on the machine, it is necessary to select a needle corresponding to the fabric thickness. For example, needle No. 100 suitable for fabrics such as velvet, calico; needle No. 70 suitable for muslin, chiffon.
Before you sew on the machine, lubricate all parts with oil, then work on it in vain. This is to ensure that the oil gets into all the details. After that wipe dry. Place the machine so that it does not sway, and to light falling on the product.
Next, adjust the needle thread tension, as it affects the quality of your work. Upper thread adjust using a special knob located on the front Board of the machine. Bottom thread - by the regulator that is on the bobbin case cap. Check the tension on the waste piece of cloth.
Next, secure the material in the Hoop. For this outer wrap put onto a hard surface, top, cover it with our cloth, and then insert the inner Hoop, pulling the fabric. Two hands move the Hoop under the needle and hit the pedal.