In shops selling fabric and accessories you can buy a special kit for application to clothing labels. It is very convenient and easy to use, and also has a very inexpensive cost. Cut the ribbon from the kit into several sections (depending on the number of things that you want to sign) each sign with a marker. Get a kind of tag for clothes that were only applied to the shirt or shorts and iron through a layer of tissue. As this tape consists of a special adhesive, it adheres firmly to the material.
If you don't like difficult decisions then this method is for you. Take an ordinary ballpoint pen and sign her every single thing from the wrong side, better to do it in the lowest part. Perhaps after washing the inscription will be erased - then you will have to repeat the procedure again. If you do not want in this way to spoil the clothes, then apply a decal of the name and surname of the child a small amount of plaster and glue to wrong side of things. After washing repeat the procedure.
Do you like to do crafts? There is one old, can be called a "grandmother's" way of marking clothes. Of course, in this case, you will need a lot of time and thread of good quality. Embroider the initials of your child so that the front side is not visible unaesthetic and ugly seams with nodes.
On sale are special permanent markers that usually make labels on CDs. This is a marker you can sign clothes of the child specifying the name and surname, or initials. This inscription will remain for a long time, perfectly withstands washing even with hot water and prevents spots and stains.
Order your interesting tags with your inscription of the name and surname of your child via the Internet. Fortunately, today there is such an interesting service.