You will need
  • - clothes;
  • diagram of embroidery;
  • - threads;
  • tape;
  • - beads;
  • needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - the outline;
  • - the Hoop.
Pick clothes where you will embroider. Note the color and texture of fabric. So, for embroidery or cross stitch it is better to choose linen, cotton or other fabric, in which threads are bound crosswise. Knitted clothes require a special approach, they will look good beadwork, ribbons or crochet.
Think of a picture or a diagram of embroidery. To do this, take any pattern and put in the unit in accordance with the techniques of knitting. To simplify your work and get a guaranteed result, use ready-made diagrams from books, magazines or websites of needlework.
Buy the materials needed for embroidery. Note full compliance with threads, beads, tapes, clothes, rely on your taste. They should stand out, so you need a contrast. Well, if the embroidery will blend in with other clothing items – bags, shoes, accessories.
If possible, pull the embroider part of the product in the Hoop. If you embroider the gate, hold the Hoop in one part, and the other thread baste the second half that the product was in a uniformly taut.
Knitted cloth try to stretch and pin to its normal condition, PrimeTV to one of the rings of the Hoop. Embroidering on knitwear also has its own nuances. It is best to use seams "loop the loop", kotelny, chain stitch, stalk. If you decorate the product with beads, place the beads on loops of these stitches on the front side of the product.
To embroider a cross, purchase so-called removable canvas (canvas with a rare arrangement of filaments). A piece of the necessary size to baste the clothes around the perimeter and embroider right on top of the cells, according to the scheme. After work just pull threads of canvas or dissolve it in water.
The tips of the filaments retract from the inside of the product, pull at the stitches. If the threads do not fade, hand wash carefully the product and iron with minimum heat input. Embroidery, beads should be washed very carefully, as they may peel off and lose the elegant look.