You will need
  • diagram of image you want to embroider;
  • - thread embroidery matching colors;
  • - delete canvas;
  • - threads of vivid colors for basting;
  • - embroidery needle;
  • - hoops.
Select the garment you want to decorate with cross stitch. Give preference to things made of cotton, linen or wool fabric with a simple weave of warp and weft. Do not stop your choice on knitted things, they take the form of the body, and the embroidery will be their to pull. In addition, if you want to embroider a large pattern, prefer things simple cut without too many tucks or twists details.
Choose a motif that you want to embroider on clothes. You can embroider a pattern of lace with a repeating pattern, these ornaments look good along the smooth edges of the product, for example, on the hem or neckline of a shirt. In addition, you can select a motif in the shape of a flower, animal or character.
Pick threads for embroidery. If you want to do embroidery on a linen or cotton fabric, use floss, and wool material more suitable special wool for embroidery.
Outwrite the part of the device where the work will be done.
Fix basting seam on this part stuff cut to delete the canvas of the right size. Ensure that the direction of the auxiliary threads of the canvas coincide with the braided material on which embroidery will be performed. In order during operation to check yourself make an additional basting the seams matching the centre's future work.
Pass in Hoop material things so that the estimated figure was located strictly in the center. Start embroidering.
Tuck the long ends of the threads in the weave, resulting from the reverse side. Remove the auxiliary canvas, it is either pulled out manually or dissolved in water. Wash the product in cold water, wring.
Put the washed thing on the soft flannel fabric wrong side up. Outwrite product.