Advice 1: How to embroider a cross on the clothes

Embroidery cross stitch on clothing relevant to the present day. This decoration will make any ordinary thing exclusive. And in combination with matching accessories embroidered clothes can be worn on any celebration.
How to embroider a cross on the clothes
You will need
  • diagram of image you want to embroider;
  • - thread embroidery matching colors;
  • - delete canvas;
  • - threads of vivid colors for basting;
  • - embroidery needle;
  • - hoops.
Select the garment you want to decorate with cross stitch. Give preference to things made of cotton, linen or wool fabric with a simple weave of warp and weft. Do not stop your choice on knitted things, they take the form of the body, and the embroidery will be their to pull. In addition, if you want to embroider a large pattern, prefer things simple cut without too many tucks or twists details.
Choose a motif that you want to embroider on clothes. You can embroider a pattern of lace with a repeating pattern, these ornaments look good along the smooth edges of the product, for example, on the hem or neckline of a shirt. In addition, you can select a motif in the shape of a flower, animal or character.
Pick threads for embroidery. If you want to do embroidery on a linen or cotton fabric, use floss, and wool material more suitable special wool for embroidery.
Outwrite the part of the device where the work will be done.
Fix basting seam on this part stuff cut to delete the canvas of the right size. Ensure that the direction of the auxiliary threads of the canvas coincide with the braided material on which embroidery will be performed. In order during operation to check yourself make an additional basting the seams matching the centre's future work.
Pass in Hoop material things so that the estimated figure was located strictly in the center. Start embroidering.
Tuck the long ends of the threads in the weave, resulting from the reverse side. Remove the auxiliary canvas, it is either pulled out manually or dissolved in water. Wash the product in cold water, wring.
Put the washed thing on the soft flannel fabric wrong side up. Outwrite product.

Advice 2: How to embroider on clothing

Embroidery on clothing always looks fresh and interesting. The usual thing you can make exclusive and unique, it will be a real decoration of your wardrobe. To embroider on clothes in different ways, but the most popular cross-stitch and beading.
How to embroider on clothing
You will need
  • - clothes;
  • diagram of embroidery;
  • - threads;
  • tape;
  • - beads;
  • needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - the outline;
  • - the Hoop.
Pick clothes where you will embroider. Note the color and texture of fabric. So, for embroidery or cross stitch it is better to choose linen, cotton or other fabric, in which threads are bound crosswise. Knitted clothes require a special approach, they will look good beadwork, ribbons or crochet.
Think of a picture or a diagram of embroidery. To do this, take any pattern and put in the unit in accordance with the techniques of knitting. To simplify your work and get a guaranteed result, use ready-made diagrams from books, magazines or websites of needlework.
Buy the materials needed for embroidery. Note full compliance with threads, beads, tapes, clothes, rely on your taste. They should stand out, so you need a contrast. Well, if the embroidery will blend in with other clothing items – bags, shoes, accessories.
If possible, pull the embroider part of the product in the Hoop. If you embroider the gate, hold the Hoop in one part, and the other thread baste the second half that the product was in a uniformly taut.
Knitted cloth try to stretch and pin to its normal condition, PrimeTV to one of the rings of the Hoop. Embroidering on knitwear also has its own nuances. It is best to use seams "loop the loop", kotelny, chain stitch, stalk. If you decorate the product with beads, place the beads on loops of these stitches on the front side of the product.
To embroider a cross, purchase so-called removable canvas (canvas with a rare arrangement of filaments). A piece of the necessary size to baste the clothes around the perimeter and embroider right on top of the cells, according to the scheme. After work just pull threads of canvas or dissolve it in water.
The tips of the filaments retract from the inside of the product, pull at the stitches. If the threads do not fade, hand wash carefully the product and iron with minimum heat input. Embroidery, beads should be washed very carefully, as they may peel off and lose the elegant look.

Advice 3: How easy it is to embroider cross-stitch big picture?

Admire huge paintings, embroidered cross? And they themselves cannot decide on such? "Too much time and effort should be spent," you say to yourself. In fact, to embroider big picture is not as difficult as it seems. A few simple secrets will help you to create a masterpiece.
How easy it is to embroider cross-stitch big picture?

Select the picture and think about how much time it really embroider, considering your employment and the pace of work. Embroidering a picture, remember this time and try to meet him. For example, if you decided to embroider a picture for the new year, try to do that by the new year she was ready.


It is better to embroider a bit, but every day. Do not sit on a painting for five or more hours. It is better to give your hobby for an hour every day. So you will be better to concentrate on the embroidery, and the back and arms are not very tired.


You can set for yourself a certain amount. For example, to embroider a day 200 crosses. Working in this way, you will be able to accurately calculate the deadline. This is very handy if you want someone to get his picture on a holiday.


Gently relate to the thread. The more orderly you will keep them, the less time you will spend on their search. Ideally you should buy a special container or box where you store all materials (thread, needles, scissors, pattern, embroidery) for a particular picture.


Not too long embroider thread. The longer the thread, the greater the risk to unexpected knot in the wrong place. To unravel the thread, it is not always easy. In any case, you will have to spend time either on the unraveling of the thread, or to consolidate already embroidered and preparation for the new thread.


All that you have already embroidered, paint the diagram with a pencil. The marker or pen is better not to use, so you can always go to the place on the scheme, which is already embroidered. The shading helps to easily navigate the schema and know exactly what is already embroidered.


When embroidering try not to be distracted by other things. It is very easy to draw a picture that is biased towards, if not to watch carefully for the location of the patterns on the canvas. But to unpick and re-sew the same place – the work is long and quite nervous.

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