You will need
  • Things on which to embroider initials. A piece of cardboard, a pen or pencil, scissors, thread and needle.
On a piece of cardboard, make a blank template. For this purpose a pen or pencil write the desired combination of capital letters - initials. Can the letters be added to the elements of decoration and complexity of letters in the form of additional strokes. For example, you can use the calligraphic writing of capital letters. Then by the written touches that make all the cuts with a thickness of 2-3 mm. So it turns out the stencil on which it is possible to repeatedly apply labels to the fabric.
Using the prepared stencil, transfer the subject of writing data to the initials on the cloth things from the front. These touches will be made embroidery.
Depending on colors of fabric and the desired color embroidered letters select threads. It is better to use thread, a contrast to the main fabric. A needle for embroidery, too, should pick up based on fabric where you will be embroidering. So, the knitted fabric is better to use a needle with a rounded, blunt tip. This will keep the integrity of threads of the fabric in embroidery.
Then you need to choose which method should be used for embroidery. To choose the most suitable form of stitches. You can, for example, to use a suture chain. This kind of seam is called from the loop-the-loops. Embroidered in this way the letters will have some size and thickness strokes.
The execution scheme of the seam chain
With the embroidery of initials, each a separate letter to embroider a different color, and you can combine several colors in one letter or in a separate element of the letter. For example, strokes decoration letters can be embroidered in a softer tone against the color of the thread of the basic stroke element of a letter.