Advice 1: How to make an inscription on the cap

The inscription on the t-shirts have become customary and popular, so to hit a similar item of clothing you are unlikely anyone will. If the desire to stand out from the crowd and impress is still there, try to make an original inscription on... the cap.
How to make an inscription on the cap

Salon print

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind – the salons and ateliers of printing specializing in textile prints. Here you will make any inscription, will cause a desired pattern or photo on cap, baseball cap, t-shirt, shorts and even underwear. As a rule, these shops already have a ready set of stencil inscriptions, from which you can choose the one that will like. There is the opportunity to order some custom design and print on the cap of the original words of your own composition. The very cap in this area is also likely to offer. The fact that will often apply paint to fabric is much easier to master, if its properties and structure are well known. If you want to sign the cap, brought with them, be prepared for the fact that the salon its texture or quality can someone not arrange. In questionable situations, a wizard just might not know exactly how to behave in the material of the cap and, accordingly, are not responsible for the end result. To decide, in any case, only you.

Their hands

The original inscription can be done on the cap and on their own. If you know how to embroider or paint, any difficulty procedure, you will not be. Surface caps can be sewn with decorative thread or just embroider on the preliminary sketch. At the request of the thread you can add a bead or beads. Another option is painted with special paints for fabric. It all depends on the square hat and the imagination. In any case, you can be sure that this hat will be truly unique.

Embroidery Atelier

Today, many sewing Studio also offer services for decorative embroidery. Work, of course, will not be unique, as if you were personally embroidered cap, but your cap will still be profitable to differ from the normal caps with the printed words. Embroidery Atelier is carried out using a special machine, so the inscription is better to do short and concise – long phrase just won't look good.

What to write

By the way, think what is going to perpetuate the hat. Unlike t-shirts, it is not necessary to place a long intricate phrases, or massive pictures – there is a risk that others simply can't read the whole thing. Will focus on a clear concise phrase or even one word. Remember – the smaller the excess, the more accurately will work for your idea.

Advice 2: How to make a t-shirt

Who has not dreamed to buy a t-shirt with a joke. Where white or red background emblazoned inscription, all designed to amuse. That's just the right label for myself until I found? Maybe not to look for more, and make the shirt yourself? Try?
How to make a t-shirt
You will need
  • T-shirt, stencil, stamps with the alphabet, paint on fabric, brush, spray paint, oilcloth.
Take a t-shirt. Best decals look great on white background, but you can of course choose any other that you like, put it on a flat surface. Inside the shirt, place a rubber sheet or a plastic bag so that paint does not paint over the back side of your t-shirts.
The easiest way to apply lettering to fabric through a stencil. Any stencil can buy in the store or make yourself. Place the letter stencil on the shirt in the right place and start painting over. In the same way you can transfer to the fabric of any chosen images.
Another method of applying a label using the alpha stamps. You can buy them at a baby store (you need cubes with three-dimensional letters). Apply the paint to the letter with the brush and make a print on a t-shirt.
To achieve the effect of graffiti take the stencil (you can with the letters, but you can with ornament) and paint it with spray paint. in this case, the fabric will remain not only a letter or figure, and the boundaries of the stencil. It looks stylish and original.
Let the paint dry and then secure it with a hot iron through a fine fabric. Now you - the owner of exclusive t-shirts, hand made.
When using alphabet stamps be sure to pay attention to the fact that the letters are imprinted in mirror form!
Useful advice
Be sure to wait until the paint dries before you measure your t-shirt. Even smooth and neat lettering can swim. If, suddenly, put a blot, it is possible to disguise a pattern or applique.

Advice 3: How to make a t-shirt saying

Even the most ordinary plain t-shirt can be turned into an original and bright clothes if you put on it the inscription. Depending on the financial capacity and amount of free time, it can be done in different ways.
How to make a t-shirt saying
You will need
  • Mike, markers, beads, beads or buttons, ribbon, thread
The first method is the fastest and relatively inexpensive. You need to purchase special markers for patterning on the fabric. You can buy such markers are typically not in stationery stores and in the departments of children's creativity, the goods for needlework. After washing caused by the marker, the inscription is not erased, it will not lose its shape and not turn into a strange spot. The average cost of the pens on fabric about two hundred rubles. Before applying the lettering on the shirt is placed under the fabric a few sheets of paper. This will prevent leakage of the paint markers on the other side of the product. The rest of the markers are easy to use them enough to make the necessary inscription on the fabric and give a few minutes to dry. After that, original, the product is ready.
The second method is to put the inscription on a t-shirt is to order the sticker to the fabric. For example, the production of stickers by screen printing offers a number of firms. Transfer sticker on t-shirt using the iron through a cheesecloth. Alternatively, companies offering such services can be ordered at the same time and manufacture of stickers, and applying it on a t-shirt (with special machines). The disadvantage of this application is that over time, the sticker starts to obleplivaet". Ready stickers cost about 400 rubles. Stickers to order will cost from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles (depending on size).
The third way to apply the lettering on the Jersey consists of several stages. First you need the inscription to do is write on the wall, on the pavement, paper etc. to take a picture. Continue to enjoy the print on the shirt. As well as stickers, manufacture of photographic products is engaged in many companies. Drawing pictures on t-shirt costs on average 300-400 rubles, production time is 1-2 days.
The fourth method to put the inscription on a t-shirt – needlework. Thus, the inscription can be embroidered with beads, beads or buttons, cut and sew a ribbon in the form of letters, cut out lettering from fabric and glue through the web for clothing. In addition, the inscription can be embroidered with threads, using various techniques of embroidery.
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