Sometimes man is hard to openly show affection to the girl. Pay attention to how he behaves when you appear in his field of vision. A man in love begins to preen – runs a hand through his hair, straightens his sleeves, he shakes his shirt, straightens the back and pulls the stomach. And everything to make you appreciate how good he is themselves.
The guy sympathize with you, will try as often as possible to get you on the eyes. At work, he will appear in the Smoking room a few minutes after you went down there, and then follow the same road to the subway as you. At the party every time he will be near you, whatever you did: danced, drank champagne and chatted with a friend. It may not tie dialogue, but will secretly consider you.
Men do not like to waste your time on trivia, but to in love with you guy, you are case # 1. For you it will be ready to break in the night and go to repair your computer, come half an hour earlier to buy you a croissant, as you complained to him that overslept and did not have Breakfast, will help you to with laboratory work to the detriment of the quality of execution of your own jobs. And it does not put you in reproach how much time and effort he spent on you.
A guy who likes you may begin to unconsciously mirror your facial expressions. He will wring his eyebrows, biting her lip and wrinkle the forehead at the same time, when it will do you. If you pay due attention to the observation of a young man, you will be able to see it.
Indifferent to the man you will seek to contact. Wanting to get your attention, he doesn't just call out to you and touches your shoulder or forearm. He will not say what's on my cheek baby, and he will take it away, tucked behind her ear a stray strand of hair, will try together with you to grab the same cookie, with the touch of your hand and hold you by the arm on the stairs that you fell.