Increasing your ranking, you will make your life brighter, more interesting and richer. You will have more chance to marry a decent man or to preserve already existing family. To be healthy, young, beautiful and full of energy. If you will know how men think, you will be able to do as a woman, driving thoughts of men. To be the neck that turns the man's head.

The rating has nothing to do with their own woman's self-esteem and is as follows – below "100" is well-groomed women similar to old men, smoke, use alcohol or drugs, they are bad. At the top of "+100" is a chic women, celebrities, sex symbols, they are beautiful, rich and successful. Where are you, only you can decide.

70% of women self-esteem low, that is, women think themselves much worse than they really are. Remember his reaction on the male compliment – if it's a disdainful and sour face - your rating is lower than ever. Many women lack confidence and self-esteem. Men feel it and wipe their feet on. The woman in case of failure in a relationship with a man delves into the psychology – what did I do wrong, why did he leave?

In men it's much easier – has ceased to excite.If you have long or never had a decent man, you are so a woman. After all, we only get what they deserve. If the planet has a powerful energy, it attracts many satellites, as well as in the lives of women. Not to be confused with promiscuity. Top rated woman is able not only to attract into your life man, but also to keep him.

Among the business men of eye, they are very good at reading people. When you first meet a man for a few seconds, defines spiritual rating: one-night stand or for marriage.

A businessman who know how to make you on the first date will feel like for employment for the position of Director. According to the same criteria for a man looking for a wife – the best of the best, not the housewife and the housekeeper, who can manage the economy and to organize their lives and family members. Including guide helpers around the house. And how correctly you answer the questions, "interview", depend on your further relations.


Key positions that make up the rating:

1. A rating of energetic, emotional.

2. A rating of intellectual, psychological.

3. The rating of physical health, appearance.

4. Rating spiritual.

Energy and emotional rating

Serious, successful men who have already established their business, where everything in life is, it lacks the most important – emotions. Drive, which they lack, they are looking for in women. In uninhibited, cheerful girls contains the same energy, which is necessary for men as an additional source of strength. So the woman is important as not she would have lived years with her husband, keep an upbeat emotional state. Otherwise, there is a young fun girl that will take him from his family.

Intellectual, psychological rating

The higher ranking men in society, the more he needs from a woman of confidence. Psychological rating woman next to that man is the ability to control the situation, to adapt to different conditions. The ability to maintain a conversation, to be interesting, well-rounded conversationalist – all of this refers to high intellectual rating. It is important to learn to listen to the man, to understand what he wants to say, intelligent to tell the man what and how you need to do. These women nerves of steel and a high social level.

Physical rating

Any man interested in how it will look woman in 10 years. Never complain in his presence on their health, keep track of your forms. Nobody wants to take care of a sick old woman. Moreover, the facial expression is much more important than the face itself. If you're happy and smile, you have perfect health and therefore good health. For many business men, the appearance of the partner - is a business card. Sometimes they have to go to escort services to find a lady to accompany. 28 years old man attracted to a woman only physical rating - it is only interested in how she looks. A little later connected to other values. So at any age in the interests of the woman, her curves were in the elastic state.

And if a woman is unkempt, and the man to care for her there is no need. It is one of its kind makes husband impotent because he has less and less there is a desire to caress. The extra weight is indicative of a poor spirit.

Spiritual rating

If you are capable of rudeness and nastiness to reciprocate with a compliment - you are highly spiritual personality. To see the bright soul men their. Spiritual rating allows you to remain married to a woman, inspire her husband and to understand him, to sympathize and empathize with him. It's like unconditional motherly love to the baby.

Ineffective behavior can be corrected. Some girls inside are clean and bright, delicious, like candy, wrapped in a dirty wrapper of misconduct. You used to be unhappy, sullen facial expression, from morning to night long hours at work, not giving time to family. Or Vice versa, overrun toward the kitchen - a greasy Bathrobe, disheveled head. If your behavior is positive, you are happy, healthy and wealthy is a behavior fix and leave. And if something is not in order, it is necessary to change urgently.From what are the habits of a woman accustomed and depends on her behavior.

Habit to behave one way or another fills my life: actions, thoughts, values. The main task - to change disadvantageous for you habits, to learn a new behavior, then men will be ready to devote you entire life to serve you faithfully and will happy only with you.