One of the techniques in the eye. Carefully evaluate the reaction of the interlocutor to this appointment. If he willingly looks in the eye you, so it is very interesting to communicate with you. But again, it should be in moderation. If your partner is too long to look you in the eye - it should tell you that he is either scared of talking to you, or simply you do not trust. But too short an interaction indicates that the person cares near you. And finally, if he's not looking at you does it mean he is indifferent to the entire conversation and you as a companion.
If during the conversation the person looks up, do not try to understand what he's looking at. Psychologists assure that such a view is a sign of contempt, sarcasm or irritation in relation to you, i.e. you his companion is extremely unpleasant.
If you want to check if you the truth about some event in the past, ask him to tell about it. If he looks to the upper right corner, then it is not cheating, because that's how people behave that are stored in the memory of some picture from the past and try to remember. And is cheating on you the source if his eyes drawn to the upper left corner. This is usually a sign that the person is trying to fantasize, tothoughtt, to finish in the imagination of some events.
If you want to give your partner something to remember, ask him about it. You will see that he fulfills your request, if his opinion is thrown to the right. When the person looks to the left, it means that he imagines a tune or come up with new sounds. If your partner lowers his eyes, but it looks right, then you can look at this to understand that it leads to an internal dialogue. This usually happens when he's got plans or decides on what he continue to talk to you.
If the person looks down and to the left, you can guess according to this opinion, that he ponders his impressions of the interview, the General situation of the place where you are. Ask him how he thinks it's a cafe where you now sit with him and see that he dropped his eyes to the left. If the eyes are just lowered down, it means that your partner is confused or he is at the moment very uncomfortable. Also omitted eyes can be interpreted as unwillingness to communicate.