In Mozilla FireFox access to the complete list of websites visited stored in the browser, select in the top menu, the "Journal" section, and item "Show all history". This will open a window with non-obvious name of "Meeting." It is possible to view, find, save the visited web resources, and set and remove bookmarks, etc.
Mozilla FireFox: a complete history
There is a much shorter path to the log just click CTRL + H. In the sidebar opens the history, but with a much smaller set of service capabilities.
Search all the browsing history in the sidebar
Opera history is opened by selecting "Main menu" relevant item "History". In opening the history window, you can search for, delete and open a saved browser links the user has visited Internet resources.
Opera: a history
And here, as well as in Mozilla FireFox, pressing CTRL + H opens the same history in the sidebar.
Opera: history in the sidebar
It is not strange, but despite all the competition standards of browsers from different manufacturers, and in Internet Explorer press the magic CTRL + H will open the same sidebar that contains your history.
Internet Explorer: browsing history in the sidebar