Today, every browser maintains in its memory the Internet addresses visited by the user. The most interesting and relevant pages you can save to your bookmarks to always have access to them. If you accidentally close a tab, the work which is not completed, open it through the history of your web browser.
Opera browser is on the taskbar, a shortcut key "History" which in one click will move you to the list of visited pages. If you have not configured the external interface page, enter the "Menu" by pressing the corresponding button on the Toolbar and select "History". You can do this and with the help of control keys by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+H". The default "View" of history is set to sort "By time and site." Therefore, in order to find your site, remember which day you visited him, and open the corresponding section: Today, Yesterday, this week, this month, Early. You will see a list of sites you viewed during the specified time period. Click on the specific website to see the list of sections you have visited. Next, click on the desired page, and the browser will automatically open it.
The history of visited sites can be viewed in the web browser Mozilla Firefox, if in the main menu, select "Journal". Hover over the string "Log", and you will see a context menu that displays the pages you've visited during the current session. Click on the tab "Show all history" and the browser will open a history list, sorted by month. The indicated visits will be held during the operation of the browser with its first installation, or starting the time you activated the save function of the log memory.
The web browser Internet Explorer also shows the history of visited sites. To return to the previously opened page, click on the "View" and from the appearing context menu, select "Explorer Bar", and in it the tab "Log".