The first stage of preparation of documents for transfer to archive is the examination of the value of documentation, the purpose of which is to identify the documentation that needs to be destroyed, and the documents subject to storage and also determination of the periods of storage of particular documents. After the examination is carried out registration of deeds and preparation of records for archived documents.
For assessment documentation assessment organization is selected by the expert Committee, which conducts the expert selection of documents for the transfer to the archive.
After selecting the documents subject to storage, it should be issued according to the rules of archiving. There are specialized companies offering services for registration of documents in the archive, but in General, to cope with this task on their own.
Documents storage are combined in a case, the total number of sheets in one case can not be more than 50. Cases intended for permanent storage, it is necessary to stitch in hard cover. Numbering of pages is in pencil, the page numbers stamped in upper right corner. At the end of each case, a separate sheet must be attached page the inscription (the number of sheets in the case, certified by the signature of the originator).
On the cover of the case intended for permanent storage, you must specify the official name of the organization, number of the case in accordance with the nomenclature of the organization, the name of the case, the number of stitched sheets, a deadline by which you want to store the case or specify that it is subject to the permanent storage, archive number that receives the case number and the inventory of the things in this archive.
The cover should be filled in legibly, using permanent ink.