You will need
    • Large fatty fish
    • Coarse salt
    • not iodized
    • Nitrate (1 gram per kilogram prepared fish)
    • Spices to taste (black pepper
    • allspice
    • Bay leaf
    • carnation)
Take a large fat fish, to separate the spinal part of the tail.
The salting pot pour over boiling water and dried. In the prepared dish and place the fish, sprinkling a mixture of salt, saltpeter and spices so that the back is not touching neither each other nor the walls of the cookware. Without this precaution the fish could spoil. Salt the fish hold from 9 to 12 days. The bigger the fish, the more time it will need to proselki. In warm weather, the soaking time is also increase.
When salmonand well salted, they shake off the excess salt and steep in water for 1-2 days. Water should be boiled or filtered. You can soak in a very weak saline solution. From time to time to turn back. The soaking removed the excess salt from the fish fillets.
After that, Balik post to sing. Very important is the place where you will be valitse BalikI. It should be well-ventilated, dry, warm but not hot. In the old days the salmonand hung it to dry, tied to high poles. The first days salmonand vyalyatsya in the bright sun, the fish grabbed a thick crust. This is a very important stage in the preparation of salmon. If 1-3 days before crust is formed, then it will inevitably be a process of decay.
Finally, salmonand hung for ripening somewhere in the shed, in a cool and dark place. The main thing that hung of the back is well ventilated from all sides. Salmon matured for 4-6 weeks. A sign of maturity is the mold, which he covered from the outside. If a mold not shown, so the salmon is too salty.
Less dried salmon is juicy, but the worst is stored. Well dried salmon tougher, but much more fragrant and can be stored for some time even without refrigeration.