Advice 1: How to dry meat

Dried meat is one of the first known to mankind products long-term storage. Light, nutritious, with its own specific taste – this product is very popular among fans of all types of sports tourism and active leisure. In addition there are people who just love the taste.

How to dry meat
You will need
    • the brine or marinade;
    • oven with convection.
Not every meat can be dry. Fits only the lean meat of wild and domestic animals and smoked breast of poultry.
If you want to dry the venison, it is very important to know how experienced the hunter has killed and butchered the animal, because of the wound and the skill of the butcher depends on your health. If when slaughtering, butchering or just dirty hands of the butcher fecal matter fall on the product, you run the risk of "catch" the toxic bacteria.
Also in the harvesting of wild game and pork should remember about such parasites as Trichinella. They can only be killed by prolonged freezing. Meat is not thicker than 12 inches should at least a month to lie at temperatures below 0oC. Freezing does not kill bacteria but only prevent them multiplying.
It is better to partially freeze any meat before cutting, so it will be easier to cut into equal thin strips. The old method of drying requires you to slice the meat along the grain, if you want to more tender meat – cut across.
Before drying , the meat can be marinated in brine, pickle or just pickle. If the marinade to add more than 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 kg of meat, this meat is salty is not considered. Dried jerky can be stored outside the refrigerator for a few weeks, in the fridge for up to 3 months. Unsalted dried meat spoils after 2-3 weeks even in the refrigerator. Dried pickled or salted with spices in a dry meat – jerky – not good for long term storage, but has a special pleasant taste.
For the brine take not less than 2 and ½ cups of salt for 3 liters of water, can also add any herbs and spices. Keep the meat in the brine at least a day.
If you are pickled or salted meat dry Ambassador, keep in th fridge. In brine can keep meat at room temperature. Marinated meat can be heated in the marinade before 72оС. Thus you will reduce the risk of infection by pathogenic bacteria. Cook at this temperature is about 5 minutes.
Dry the meat in the oven, laying it out strips on a baking sheet covered with foil at a distance of 1 cm from each other. Meat extracted from brine or marinade, it should be previously freed from liquid on the surface. The oven should be heated to 60oC and if you do not have the convection mode, the door must be ajar. Dried meat weighs ¼ the weight of the crude, it is flexible and not brittle. In this condition the meat is dried for 12 to 24 hours.
It is possible to dry meat in the fresh air, provided that the street is hot, dry but a bit windy weather. At night, meat, and dried fruit, you have to clean the house, so it is not soaked with dew. Street meat dries for 4 days, minimum, you have to carefully protect it from insect to pull fine cheesecloth, place it under the screen to dry the fruit. This is the most unsafe way.
It is not recommended to dry the meat in a microwave oven as it is impossible to maintain uniform heating.
The best way to dry meat is to use industrial dehumidifier. The only thing that you should consider in this case that the bottom trays are warmed more than the upper, so every hour there is a sense to rearrange them. Temperature, which is put on the dehumidifier is 90C for the first 15 minutes, 70 ° C the rest of the time and 60oC in the last 10 minutes.

Advice 2: How to dry fish

Drying is a convenient way of harvesting fish. And it can be done on their own, without spending a lot of time and resources. As a result, you get dry fishthat will be happy to eat both cheeks and adults and children.
Right to dry fish is an art.
You will need
    • fish (roach
    • carp
    • roach, etc.)
    • salt
    • spices (optional)
    • water
For starters, the fish should be carefully gutted and washed. Scales to clean off is not required.
Next the fish need to pickle. The problem of salt – fish pull out excess moisture; therefore, salting is better to take coarse salt, because it dissolves slowly and pulls more moisture. Take a large saucepan and lay the fish in layers: the first layer, top with salt, a second layer, again salt and so on. The last layer of salt should completely cover the fish.
Cover the pot with a lid or piece of cardboard and put oppression. So the fish should stand for 2-4 days, depending on size. Well-salted fish has a thick back, and a dark grey meat.
Salted fish is washed thoroughly to wash off all the slime and excess salt. Within a few hours to soak the fish in cold water.
Next the fish need to wipe dry and hang to dry. The suspension, as a rule, lower lip, or eye, as the fish is juicier. Drying is preferably in a draught or over a gas stove (but not below 80 cm above the flame). It is desirable to cover the fish gauze to her did not sit down flies.
To store dried fish better in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped in parchment paper or plastic food wrap. The fact that poorly Packed fish may begin to sweat and the abyss.
For salting the fish you want to put very thick layers, so it is salted evenly. The pan is better to put in a cold place, so in the process of salting the fish didn't go bad.
Useful advice
1. In pickling salt add a little sugar or spices. Fish will become a savory flavor.

2. In the process of drying the fish is not infested maggots, it should be dipped in sunflower oil (unrefined) or process 3% solution of vinegar.

3. If you dry the big fish, paste on her belly across a match. So it dries faster.

Advice 3: How to dry just folded oven

New brick oven properly heated, and served for many years, it is important to dry it after laying. You must do this to avoid cracking the mortar and the formation of cracks between the bricks.
How to dry just folded oven
Drying oven is necessary in two stages, the main principle which should be observed – drying should be gradual. To be able to efficiently dry oven, it is advisable to put it in the summer.

The steps of drying

In the first 6-7 days after the masonry stove is not recommended to heat. You need to create maximum thrust inside, which is achieved by fully opening all valves, views, and doors. In this way an enhanced circulation of air is achieved by drying the surface of the words of a clay solution. You can try to strengthen the ventilation, giving the furnace an electric fan and placing it in an electric lamp of high power.

After setting of the upper layer of the solution can proceed to the next stage of forced drying. For this purpose, the finely split dry firewood. They need to be put in the furnace and burn, and then cover the ash pit, thereby reducing the supply of fresh air. Enough to leave a gap of 1-1,5 cm, a view also need to cover by ½ to reduce cravings. This method is achieved by the slow movement of hot air, which will contribute to the quality and deep drying of the masonry. After 6-7 hours of door and gate valves must be fully open and leave the oven in this position for a day. In the next 4-5 days you need every day to repeat the firebox of the stove, but the burning wood should be small (2-3 logs), so that the masonry dried gradually.

How to understand that kiln dried?

Oven can be considered dried if when the doors are closed and the view in 3-5 hours on the metal parts of the doors do not cause condensation. You can then heat the oven to full capacity, 7-8 using logs. When the furnaces appear the coals, you need to close all doors, latches, and for 5-6 hours to observe the outside surface of the oven, noting the formation of fresh cracks and the smoke of them. The smoke from the cracking furnace is obviously defective, this pizza oven is in need of alteration. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, and threadlike cracks appearing on the surface of the stove – it is a normal phenomenon, this oven it is possible to exploit. Cracks 2-3 mm require sealing genomescan solution, but better to do it immediately, but after 2-3 months, so that their edges are finally formed.

How to avoid marriage

In addition to the importance of training quality material for masonry stoves need to carefully choose the specialist. It is no secret that a good setter is very difficult to find what can be said about Amateurs and charlatans. It is best in such cases to benefit from the advice and opinion of friends, choose a qualified professional, whose skills will not be in doubt. Each master has its own version of the drying ovens, which he will recommend to use. In most cases, these recommendations differ only in detail, but the main rule remains the same: immediately after the masonry oven it is impossible to sink.
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