You will need
  • - passport;
  • - notice of the arrival of the package;
  • - visit to the post office;
  • - fountain pen.
For a start, wait for notification.
If you sends a parcel to a friend or relative, contact them ahead of time. Find out what and in what quantity they sent. Ask him to call mail shipment identifier (the numbers on the receipt issued at the post office). It will allow you to track your parcel online on the website of the Russian post.
The notice must specify the number of the post office and a telephone where you have to pick up the parcel. Usually this is the nearest to that address targeted by the load: your home, work or another.
If you plan to use the services of mail the first time (for example, not long ago moved to a new apartment), you can call the office and find out the address and hours of operation. To find this information, you can also use the website of the Russian post and the address of any organization, including office - using different reference and search engines.
Complete the notice. There will need to indicate your surname, name and patronymic, passport details. The address field of the registration may not be filled in if the one that came, same as your registration address. The operator will collate all the information from your passport and, if everything is in order, will give you the parcel.
Check out the packaging on the parcel. If something is wrong, require the opening of the parcel on the spot. Here is a handy list of everything that was there. The most convincing proof, of course, the inventory investment. But even if not, all is not lost. The main thing - to have time to put this question, so to speak, "without departing from cash Desk".
Well, if everything is in order (as happens in most cases), can carry a parcel home.