You will need
  • - ship the item;
  • - a certain amount of money (depending on the dimensions of the parcel, its weight and method of delivery);
  • paper, plastic or foam (for fragile items).
Before sending the items you should prepare. If you want to send something fragile, such as porcelain vase, you should wrap the whole thing in newspaper or polythene to prevent damage during shipping. If the same object is very fragile and paper is not enough to protect it from damage, then you can wrap it in the foam. The parcel packaging is not required only if it will be with a list of attachments and declared value. In this case, the packaging takes place directly at the post office.
Further, at the post office, where registration will take place sending a parcel, you need to select the sending method. It can be fast EMS dispatch via courier and can be easy and shipment by Mail of Russia. The first option is more expensive but much faster and easier. Except for the method of delivery, cost depends on weight of parcel. If it will exceed the weight of 2 kg, you have to pay extra for each additional kilo.
After weighing the parcel is laying in the box. Carton size depends on the size of your sent item. You need to carefully follow the laid sent the parcel, or to do everything with your hands, to add confidence in the safety of the delivery item. In some cases, the parcel is Packed not in a box, and in a special plastic bag or in sewn bag.
After packaging the shipment, the postal worker, receiving a parcel for shipment, must issue a document confirming what you have sent and paid for a parcel at the specified address. If you have any complaints about the work of Mail of Russia, this document can serve as a decisive argument in favor of the sender.
If for some reason you have no trust to the mail or parcel is too heavy, you can use the services of private companies (e.g. DHL). However, in this case shipping will cost much more, but its speed and quality will meet expenses. All registration procedures for private companies carrying out the delivery, are similar to ordinary mail. Be sure to take a receipt confirming the fact that you sent a parcel through this company in order to avoid misunderstandings controversial issues.