The choice of the method for any profession depends on the nature of the profession itself. Of course, the rating of prestigious professions educational activity does not occupy the first places, however the level of development of the country depends primarily on who and how teaches and educates teacher. This means that to choose the profession of a teacher should be calling.
In educational institutions train specialists not in a particular profession, and in the direction of specialization. So if you chose teaching, you should understand that the teacher of the Russian language is a specialty, which can be obtained at the faculty of Philology.
In deciding a field of study, proceed to the next stage — the choice of educational institution, which prepares specialists for linguistic disciplines. Find out which school subjects need to pass in the form of unified state examination for admission to the faculty of Philology. As a rule, except compulsory Russian language and mathematics, universities accept the results of the exam in literature, mathematics or history.
The state educational standard of the Russian Federation provides for two systems of higher professional education — the training of specialists and bachelors. Both systems are equivalent, but between them there are a number of differences. Specialist receives specific skills, for example a teacher of Russian language and literature, and studying 5 years. The bachelor degree provides the graduate a wider choice of occupations, but does not provide specific qualification. This is the second educational level, training period is 4 years. To complete the formation of the third final level, you have to spend at least another two years in grad school.
In addition to choosing a University of higher education, you should determine what form of education best suited for you: full-time, part-time, evening or external. As a student-"student", you can find a job in the school (e.g., counselor, or assistant school librarian) to get acquainted with the educational process "from the inside".
There are teachers ' colleges, colleges where you can receive special secondary education. The advantage of this way of obtaining the profession that desire to become a teacher for study or stronger, or disappear, and then the graduate will be able to choose a University other specializations.
Completed tertiary education to create intellectual product — the thesis. It describes a professional qualification. After graduation you will receive a diploma of complete higher education, which will indicate your education and profession, as well as the subject of the thesis. With this document, if you decide to work in a school, you can successfully find a job.