Someone wants to lose weight, and someone to get better. And better no less difficult than to lose weight, many women and men have very low body weight and do not know how to deal with this disease. When to seek help from a doctor-a dietitian is not possible, you can try to solve the problem yourself.

What you need to pay attention in the first place

People with deficiency of body weight need to choose foods with a great energy value. That is, within each food group to give preference to the most nutritious foods, for example, to buy milk with 3.2% fat instead of skim, and silver carp, instead of walleye, corn instead of cucumbers, grape juice instead of Apple and muffins instead of bran black bread. To eat fully and regularly, at least 4 times a day. Well, the most important thing is not slow, as nutritionists advise people with obesity, but rather quickly, trying for the first 20 minutes of the meal to eat more food.

On the table should always be present products that can "Wake up" your appetite. First, it is a glass of red wine, but only once a day, as well as various savoury snacks: sausages, bacon, fish and the like.

Big man a big bowl

People with a low body mass index needs to learn to impose your own food in a big plate, drink from big mugs and make great sandwiches. Small volume of portions gradually fading as the feeling of discomfort from having to eat from big plates. Between meals should be snacks, because the more a person will eat, the more calories you get.

As for the drinking regime, it also needs to be adjusted: you need to drink juices and drinks containing the highest amount of calories. Regular milk can be further diluted with dry powder, will benefit and special nutritious mixture rich in fiber. You can include them in daily diet.

To gain and put on weight by 7-8 kg in a month will help and workout for muscle building. To build muscle, you need almost in half to increase the caloric content of their daily diet. To get better, not to lose weight per day the body requires 2400 Calories. For muscle building this number should increase to 3,400 Kcal. But all you need to do gradually, otherwise you may experience stomach discomfort and other serious disorders in the body. Only the right combination of physical activity and the process of energy consumption, it is possible to gain 7-8 kg per month.