What affects a person's weight

The weight of a person primarily depends on the speed of metabolic processes in the body. With the rapid exchange of dietary calories are burnt fairly quickly, so the fatty tissue is of minimal thickness. At the slow speed of raw calories gradually deposited in the form of fat that leads to weight gain.

The change in body weight may be due to:

- changing the amount of body fat;
- changes in the muscle tissue;
- the change in volume of fluid in the body;
- the presence of various diseases;
- the process of aging.

How to gain weight quickly?

Common mistake really skinny people is the fact that if you want to get better they begin to eat junk food. These include fast food or "fast food". Of course, the kilos may come. But the body receives far more harm than good.
A large part of the high-calorie foods is a synthetic compounds that can cause problems in the body.

You can gain weight by increasing amount of muscle mass. In observance of diet and special physical activity will appear beautiful muscles, which visually hide the thinness. As a rule, for the selection of the set of exercises the necessary control of the coach.

With the normalization of the diet and nutrition gradual weight gain. It is important to consume enough calories, but do it correctly. Remember that there are you need a lot and often (at least 5 times a day), giving preference to protein foods.
The dose should be increased gradually, otherwise there comes a glut of the body.

In the absence of appetite it is necessary to take special medicines or traditional medicines, allowing it to increase. For example, it is advisable before a meal to eat a piece of salty fish or cucumber. Also used a psychological method of enhance appetite: create culinary masterpieces and serve them on a beautiful dish.

Bad habits have a negative impact on the body, so if you want to gain weight you need to drop them. It is not only the abuse of alcoholic beverages and Smoking, but the dependence on strong tea or coffee.

Stressful situations lead to a sharp decrease of body weight. If you go easy on high-calorie foods, exercise, but is constantly under stress, the result will not appear. It is recommended to be in the fresh air, change of scenery, socialize with positive people, to hold sessions of relaxation.

The result will appear only if you love yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages. Even with this weight need to stay cheerful and positive person.